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Free upgrade to HW3.0 in all over the world

I am ling waiting the start of the free upgrade to HW3.0 in Japan. How about in other countries?


  • Good news for Japan! Well - perhaps not free. If you bought FSD, you get the HW3.0 AP processor upgrade as part of the purchase. If you didn't buy FSD, you don't get the upgrade.
  • Of course, I bought FSD with my P100D. Am I correct the upgrade to HW3.0 is provided for free for soch persons?
  • Anyone who bought FSD is entitled to a free upgrade to HW3, but they might not be doing the upgrades everywhere yet. Try scheduling a service appointment using the app and request the upgrade, and see what happens.
  • Dear EVRider
    Thank you. I will try.
    If Tesla excludes only Japan from free upgrade, then Tesla should be a racist. So, I hope I will hear a good answer from them.
  • The processor may need to meet local codes for RF radiation (very low). That's just some testing work that should take a few months of work in each country. The second slowdown might be the allowance of FSD features. If the local country doesn't allow current features, Tesla may slow the HW3 updates to those counties, as it doesn't provide any value yet until they can get the laws changed. I have zero info that this is happening but helping to make sense of a possible rollout delay in one country over another. Tesla wants the rollout sooner than later, as it's a huge technical advantage over other car makers. With HW3 shadow mode, it also allows Tesla to capture country-specific data - very valuable in making localized FSD.
  • Here I thought China and Japan shared the same race. Always learning here.
  • The point is that HW3.0 is included in the Tesla cars that are cuttently delivered in Japan. No reason to avoid retrofit in Japan due to the regulation etc.
  • Always right? Ha!
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