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Seats & Tree Sap, Not A Great Combination

I have some treat on my black vegan seats. Based on everything I've read, baby wipes are the way to go. However, while effective with most dirt, they don't do anything for the sap. I'm worried that stepping up the "strength" of the cleaning agent will then do damage to the seat. Did anybody have success with something other than baby wipes? There are several threads about this with many options but each seemed to have a drawback in some way.


  • It would be nice to know what solvents are safe on the seats. I wonder about citrus degreaser but would be nervous trying it.
  • Alcohol might be even milder but you would have to find a spot that doesn’t show and test it.
  • Perhaps Goo-gone? Again I'd try it in a non-visible place first to confirm it's ok. The seat material is plastic, so is a lot more resistant to products than leather or fabric. Here's one suggested set of instruction for vinyl (I've not tested myself):

    1. Apply to a cloth.
    2. Rub on the affected area.
    3. Wipe up residue with a clean cloth.
    4. Immediately wash the area with mild dish detergent and warm water.
    5. Wipe dry.
    6. Follow up with rubbing alcohol to ensure all residue is removed.
  • Goo-gone is a citric degreaser.
  • I would try a bit of heat (Hair Dryer?) to soften it up and some soapy water or alcohol. Remember the seats sit in direct sunlight so they can take a good amount of heat.
  • Do not use acetone.
  • Or a blowtorch
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