Solar Roof

Solar Roof Installed 8/8/2020

Alright, so i spend little to no time on here but would like to compare data with anyone else who has had a Solar Glass roof installed along with 2 Powerwalls.

If people are interested i can provide more information on the process. If in the SF Bay Area and want to take a look in person i can post contact info later.

I'm still compiling a site with all of the pictures from the process. Tried to get drone footage but a DJI update left my drones completely useless.

2/12/2020 Review and accept design, system was smaller than I wanted, created an alternate proposal
2/20/2020 Sent over my own slide deck with design input
3/3/2020 Design agreement and approval with the increased capacity
Time passed waiting on permitting and scheduling
5/20/2020 Ready to schedule install, tentative date set for 8/8/2020
While waiting, the date was pulled forward 3 times with my approval, finally scheduled for 7/23/2020
7/17/2020 Had a contractor come out to remove dormers from the roof, these were merely cosmetic
7/21/2020 Morning of 7/21, pallets of material were delivered to the house for the roofing preparation
Roofing subcontractor came out and made quick work of the roofing removal. Only 2 spots were identified with water damage and were repaired.
1"x6" Decking covered the roof and would be insufficient for the new roof. Plywood decking was installed and then sealed
7/23/2020 Scheduled install date but the material shipment was delayed
7/27/2020 Crew arrived and started prepping the roof for install, mostly sheet metal trimming
7/29/2020 Bulk of the material arrived and was offloaded into the driveway via crane
FedEx shipment of interconnect cables showed up, moved boxes to back yard
7/30/2020 Crew shows up on time 8 am and gets right to work
7/31/2020 Tile install 10%
8/3/2020 Tile install 25%
8/4/2020 Tile install 60%
8/5/2020 Solar tiles all installed, roof >80% done, edge trimming mostly installed
Cables are being routed through roof
2 inverters installed, conduit is getting mounted
8/6/2020 95% complete, inverter wiring complete
8/7/2020 Finishing up roof peak sheet metal covering
8/8/2020 Roof completed
8/21/2020 Powerwalls installed and conduit run. Gateways missing as the main panel upgrade has not been completed.
8/31/2020 Main panel upgrade completed by electrical sub contractor. Several tiles were broken in the process, waiting for parts for repair
9/1/2020 Damaged roof tiles replaced and new boot for incoming power line pole installed. Tiles reinstalled and completed. Still waiting for gateway install and powerwall completion
9/9/2020 Powerwall team came back out to complete the installation of the gateway to the new main panel. Due to the smoke, panels were not making any power to test. System was not connected to a gateway in order to commission.
9/11/2020 Tesla rep bet with city inspector came out to sign off on permits
9/15/2020 Called customer service since the powerwall would not charge. Remotely they saw the CT on the solar supply line was reversed and sending negative values. They were able to update in software and system started charging powerwall

Currently have a functioning system but the generation is much lower than expected. Powerwall set to backup-only can be charged to 98% in a day while powering Home from Grid. Currently running self-powered and it looks like i might hit 80% on the powerwalls by end-of-daylight.


  • Thanks for the detailed process timeline update, where are you in the Bay Area? I would like to check it out if not too far from me. I am still stuck at permitting and seemingly no hope for install this year.
  • I meant to put my email in the first post. Go ahead and shoot an email to [email protected]

    I am located in Hayward
  • Congratulations!
  • I had a solar roof installed earlier this year, and also in the bay area. Power output has been all over the place in the last two weeks with zero output on orange Wednesday. Power's back to about 70% of the best day of the year. I expect this is due to partly cloudy days, ash on the roof, and partly being just about fall vs. peak summer.

    We've never used backup only, so I don't know how the top-end PW limits work. With self-powered mode, I do get to 100% charge before solar goes mostly to the grid.
  • How many powerwalls are installed?

    I enable backup only just to get the powerwall to fully charge to see if i could get the Model 3 topped off and last through the rest of the morning. I now just leave it in self-powered where i'll likely keep it. Powerwall only made it to 80% yesterday.

    10.99 kW Solar Roof
    Estimated energy produced: 14,036 kWh /yr
    2 Powerwalls

    I was seeing up to 8.2kW when the powerwall was not charging. The CT on the solar feed line was reversed, Tesla inverted it in software, now the powerwall charges but i'm only ever seeing 5kW from the solar. Trying to give it more time and see what the variation looks like.
  • @jkeeven - Sounds about right. I have a 10.8 kW system, and the peak solar I got yesterday was 5.5 kW. Now every system is different, so it's hard to compare - meaning even if you're nearby, the solar panels may be in a different orientation, angles, and on different amounts on different compass points. On top of that, is ash on the roof surface (I've got to clean mine off).

    Looking back, I had a peak total for a day of 51 kWh in July. Yesterday I had about 32 kWh.

    I also confirmed my PW charged to 100% yesterday. Now if your house loads are higher than mine, it could be the amount of solar generation is not enough to both fully charge your PWs and power the house. The house gets first priority from solar and what is leftover goes to charge the PWs. I expect as we get to winter I also will not have enough production to charge my PWs to 100%, but I've not gone through winter yet with the system.
  • I switched from "Advanced" to "Backup Only" for a few days, when the odds of a massive quake are much greater (1 in 20 for 24 hours. Tapering for the next 48.).
  • To the OP, please post pics if possible!

    I’m trying to get a solar roof installed in the bay area. I have a sort of complicated roof with many planes. Is yours simple or complicated (ie 2-3 planes or 5-6)?
  • @gregbrew_98470014 - perfect use of a micromanage technique. I would do exactly the same thing.
  • I like the timeline, I wish mine was anything close to what you had. Work commenced on site 8/3. Today is 9/25 and after 8 weeks - and close to 50% installed, everything is now in the process of having to come off. We've had numerous water intrusions into the home as a result of them testing a new underlay which now has to be removed, and may include the decking of the house. Customer service has been somewhere between little and non-existent and if it weren't for having a good relationship with the on-site crew and their boss' the stress, damage and personal time taken off thus far to deal with the issues would be so much more. Current timeline is for it, hopefully, to be completed by thanksgiving.
    Overall the customer service is a joke, lots of words, little action and even when they say they will respond, they don't - I will call you tomorrow, our site manager even tried and was hung up on, he sent an email, as did I, and took a week before we got a response - 'my team is dealing with some pretty back-logged pipelines'.
    The issues have been many, the responses weak and with all the emails, pictures and videos they still are having internal discussions over what to do.
  • > @zachbroth_93349354 said:
    > To the OP, please post pics if possible!
    > I’m trying to get a solar roof installed in the bay area. I have a sort of complicated roof with many planes. Is yours simple or complicated (ie 2-3 planes or 5-6)?

    I always forget to finally submit post...

    The roof 5-plane but only 4 planes have solar. There were 2 cosmetic dormers on one of the planes that i had removed. This added another 4+kW of PV and a much easier installation.

    Still working on getting the pics all in one place.
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