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Tesla 3 Tire Chains

I'm close to purchasing a Model 3 in North Dakota, and I'm wondering if anyone has tried the tire chains Tesla sells? Snow is obviously a thing here, so just trying to make my life easier.


  • Look for an extra set of used 18” aero “take offs” and fit them with proper winter tires. 2 winters in Alaska with our 3, Nokian Hakka 9’s, in the winter and I’ve never come close to needing chains.
  • Highly recommended for ice inclined surfaces
  • Did you get LR AWD? If so AWD + Nokian Hakka R3 studless or Hakka 9 studded means you will never need chains just like @coleAK said. I have a set of Tesla chains, unopened, in my garage - 2 winters in my M3 LR AWD, Seattle area going up into the Cascades for weekly skiing with my kids

    I only got the chains in case I'm driving in California in winter - I believe Cali requires you to carry chains in some conditions and they do have a "chains needed except AWD vehicles with snow tires" (you still have to carry chains) and "chains required for all vehicles, no exceptions" restriction levels

    so the AWD M3 does not need chains with decent winter tires - but State Law might insist you have to carry or even use them
  • ^^^. I grew up in Tahoe and yes CA requires you to carry chains regardless of drivetrain and tires. It was routine back then for DOT to ask to see them at checkpoints or a trooper to look if you were involved in an accident. I left for good in 2001, my friends/family that are still in the area tell me DOT rarely ask to see them these days.
  • Follow @coleAK he knows his stuff regarding cold weather.

    I bought snow socks for my Model X which is of course 100D (AWD) - just in case.
  • Do snow socks count as chains in places where chains are required?
  • I’m pretty sure socks count as traction devices. I would read local restrictions as applicable.
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