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Has your service level at Tesla went down since the new models arrived?

I loved my X, best car until 35k miles and after a service visits this happened.
It is a sad day for me. I sold my model X due to the poor service at the Charlotte NC center. Poor service that endangered me and my family. My center screen went out which took with it my turn signals and AC. I was told to drive it back from Charleston SC (4 hour drive) and bring it in. I did that and they booked me an appointment a week out and made me drive the car that is clearly unsafe. When I asked the tech why he would have me drive a car like this, he told me he had not loaners and that was the best he could do. They fix the screen a week later.
The screen went out two more times and now the driver door will not open. I drive back to the dealership and asked for a loaner so they could fix it. They up sell me on a new screen $2500 and tell me it will be three weeks until they can look at my car.
I know I could not risk the safety of my wife and daughter so i pulled into BMW and bought a new car. I was going to be a Tesla customer for life. But I cancelled my cybertruck and will no longer be a Tesla customer. The lack of common sense and disregard for the safety of me and my family is something that I hope does not happen to anyone else.


  • Sorry about your problems. Not sure what safety concern you have. Usually, the blinkers still work outside the car if the MCU is down, but there have been a few cases where they don't work at all. If it was a huge safety concern, you could park it until it is fixed or use hand signals.

    I don't know which BMW you bought, but perhaps an X5, which is in the same class. The BMW only has a 4-star safety rating, as compared with the Tesla X at 5-star, so your claims to be concerned about safety seems a bit hollow. The BMW also lacks some safety systems that come standard with the X, such as side collision avoidance. I hope you don't have to test out BMW's crashworthiness. For me, I'd rather be in the safest car I can buy.
  • I hear you. They set the bar really high in the early days. They treated customers like royalty. Then the M3 came out and it all went completely to hell. Service is overwhelmed and has enough attitude to part the Red Sea. In 2018 I actually said I would never drive anything but a Tesla. By the end of 2019 I began saying I would never, ever own another Tesla and I got out before my car fell apart. It is indeed sad that they worked so hard to build loyalty and then just threw it all away. Looking back, it was the lying that really got to me more than the other issues. They went from geek to cult in four years and maybe the cult can sustain the company. Time will tell but it is good to be out.
  • OMG, yes. When I got my X in 2017, I could reach service on the phone and Svc was always helpful and pleasant. Now I can't reach anyone, when I do happen to get somebody on the line they are curt and don't even pretend to want to help, and their online chat is a joke. Tried to use it today. After one hour, someone responded and when I didn't immediately write back, they ended the chat three minutes later. I do have a job and won't get paid staring at a screen waiting for a Tesla agent to come on line with me. Once another electric car co. has a similar product, I'll be jumping ship. Don't need to spend a boatload of money to be treated like a turd.
  • its disguisting how they treat clients
  • My responses here keep getting deleted. Not sure whats going on.

    We have also had a horrible and unacceptable decline in customer service.
  • Yes it certainly has! I wanted to get the extended warranty for my 2017, and also the infotainment upgrade that recently became available. No answer when I called (personnel apparently replaced with computer AI) so I drove across town to SC! Yes, they were willing to take my money and schedule the upgrade.
  • For those that require phone support - assume it doesn't exist. Just order service from the app. It takes far less time and effort than the best dealer's phone lines and you can see the available days and times to pick from. If there is an issue, they will contact you. Often they can do the work via the Moblie service - something I never got at Lexus.

    Yes, it's a different way than some people are used to, but it's the way it is. Many of us prefer it and hate getting scammed by salesmen at legacy dealer service centers. No need for fuel flush, nitrogen tire fills, and a host of other worthless items by dealers trying to pad the bill.
  • My screens are completely black. The lights turn on and the door opens for me sometimes, but it won’t drive. The app only let me make an appointment-2 weeks out! - this problem doesn’t show up on the menu, and of course there is NO ONE to talk to. I am BEYOND frustrated. You have to call sales to speak to an actual person, which just goes to show their lack of prioritizing service. The salesman contacted service for me- I asked for someone to call me, but I got a text. I think they are coming to tow it, but who knows? As much as I love it when it works, I’m about ready to sell the thing and go to a regular car with an actual service department.
  • @Dpdraw really there is no "other" on the drop down menu for service appointment that you can specify exactly your problem? "Other" was always there.
  • I've used the Memphis service center twice and the mobile service technician (Arkansas) twice as well. I will say when my Tesla front half axles died/exploded most recently, the roadside assistance through the app was phenomenal. They towed my car 3 hours to the Memphis center and I kept getting calls from a person (to almost the point of annoyance) on updates on the tow truck coming to get my car. This was just last month. I got the same level of service when they towed my vehicle back to me too.

    The mobile service tech for Arkansas was also Johnny on the spot near the end of last year. The rubber noise sealant started falling off on my passenger side door and needed replaced. The mobile tech came out to check on it once and then came back and replaced it while I ate in a restaurant. I came out to check on him, which he said I didn't even need to do that. Amazing customer service by both imo.

    All that being said, both the mobile tech and the Memphis service center have both mentioned they are a one man band and are wanting more help. The latest repair took 4 weeks to do at Memphis. Texting with Memphis for updates was still giving me prompt returns too, if not a prompt return of my vehicle. I would recommend if you want to talk on the phone with them directly, use the online chat support at Tesla to get the direct line to the service center. The number on the internet always gave me a voicemail with no call back.
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