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Used Model X ordering HELP NEEDED

I am typing this email because I have been a big fan of Tesla and Mr. Musk. I decided to buy a Used Tesla Model X and would like for all of you to recognize how painful it was for me.

I am sure you can pull the entire history from my email id but still, I will type it here.

1. August 25, 2020 - Order placed RN11388xxxx. Paid $100 order fee plus $500 transportation charges. The next morning I realize that despite the car being marked as clean history had an accident. I talked to my advisor then (Lisa Orlowski) and she confirmed that it was a mistake and the order will need to be canceled (Refund pending) as the car did not have a clean history. I was offered a discount of ~$3000 on ~$85000 price which I refused. (Come to find out, Tesla sold this car for 78K - Doesn't even make my top list of issues). Lisa was fantastic to work with. Great job Lisa!

2. August 26, 2020 - GIven I was left without an order, I placed the order for another vehicle (RN11387xxxx). This order for some strange reason in Tesla systems did not generate the MVPA (Purchase Agreement). The troubleshooting started. I was told that my advisor is no longer Lisa but Tim Aguayo.

Tesla count not resolve the MVPA, so the order was canceled.(Refund pending) I was informed that I will be provided with another link to order the car again.

3. September 3, 2020 - I finally get the new link. The link does not work. AND to make things worse, the price of the car is increased by $3K. A new order had to be placed via phone (RN11390xxxx)
Tim confirmed that he will work with the team and ensure that this is resolved and that I get the car at the then promised price of August 26th.
I still don't have the correct MVPA because the amount is incorrect now due to this pending price adjustment.

4. September 6, 2020 - After escalations to Tesla CEO office, I got my used sales advisor to call me and confirm price change to the correct price.

5. September 15, 2020 - I get a text that the car has arrived and to book the appointment via the link provided. I booked the appointment. I get another text saying that the Title has not arrived and the appointment will be canceled and a new message will come for appointment scheduling. The next morning I get the message and I schedule the appointment,ent. Then I get a text saying why did you reschedule the appointment? What is WRONG WITH TESLA?

6. September 16, 2020 - I texted my used sales advisor to call me to sort this. No response.

7. September 17, 2020 - I text again, no response.

8. September 18, 2020 - I call twice, and no answer.

Does anyone know how to escalate the issues or get hold of some one who can help?


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