Model S

OEM Tire mileage

What’s was your mileage on original tires before you changed?

Sound Comfort Tech

Currently 31600 miles


  • That's impressive. I had the same tires and replaced them at 19K. Likely could have gone another 2-3K miles, but wanted a different tire. Perhaps I have too much fun off the line :)

    I switched to Pirelli Centuro P7 and I've been very happy with them so far.
  • Same tire. Currently at 35K, and hoping to squeak through the winter (SF Bay area) on them. Wouldn't dream of taking them through a snowy winter in their current state though.
  • I got 30K on the OEM Michelin MXM4's, I'm currently at 21k on the OEM Goodyears and will probably only get another 5-7K based on tread wear rate.
  • Same here...30k on MXM4's. Just got a new set. Probably will be on there for years.
  • I swapped out my stock Michelin MXM4 tires this summer at 72000km. I am a pretty conservative driver with a 2015 Model S 85D. I used to be concerned about rotating them for even wear, but the dual variant S has pretty even wear.
    I wanted to put on Bridgestone Quiettrak tires, but had a hard time during COVID finding local stock. I ended up with Nokian WRG, planning for wet roads and urban snow. They seem quieter than the stock tires on a road trip from Vancouver to Edmonton this summer.
  • 30k is about right with normal driving on the 19” wheels. If you drive it hard they wear more quickly. It is a heavy car so that increases wear but well done.
  • I was able to get just shy of 27k on the OEM 19s (Michelin Primacy).
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