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Clicking Sound - Can anyone here help?

2019 Raven LR - Noticed a clicking sound when turning the steering wheel, it appear about 2 months ago when I had the radio off and was operating at low speeds in my garage. Best way I can describe it is as you turn it ever 20-30 degrees there is a fine click like the sound those old children wind up toys made as your turned them.

I've taken it to Tesla Service 3 times now. First time they changed the steering wheel mount, second time they changed the entire steering column, wheel, etc. The sound still persisted and went back this week and for first time the head tech rode in the car with me in the parking lot (they had refused before due to COVID), when he heard it he said it sounded like the suspension. One day later they called and said it was the axle and all they had to do was grease it and clean it and the sound was now gone. Well I have the car back, and the sound is certainly not gone.
Though turning the steering wheel can replicate the sound it seems (though I can't be positive) that when i turn the tires and then just drive really slowly in that set turning radius I can hear the click every so often even when not moving the steering wheel. I haven't been able to replicate this so not sure about this.

Does anyone here have any experience with this? Any ideas? I'm getting super frustrated now, and it's a 40 mile drive each way to the Service Center. Not sure what I should do.


  • I had a sound with the steering wheel at either end of its rotation in my 2014 car. It was traced to the steering rack bolts not being tight enough.
  • I have the same problem on
    '15 MS. I'll be taking it in to service in a few weeks. In addition to the noise, also a slight jerking feedback to steering input.
  • Nothing can possibly go wr
  • Yes, I have lowered my expectations since my last SeC visit.
  • I doubt it is in the steering in a car so new unless it was a vendor defect. This seems more like a suspension issue which is quite common across all Tesla models. The grease bit is an attempt at a quick fix to get the customer to shut up. You can take the car to an independent shop and have the suspension inspected for obvious things like cracks (common) and ball joints that just don’t look right.
  • Sunday Trolling
  • Narrenschiff- Would you do that instead of going back to Tesla service? I always thought I'd just go to Tesla for everything and avoid all other mechanics for the life of my car. If I do go back to Tesla it would be the 4th time and I'm sure they're as tired of seeing me as I am of them.
  • I'm beginning to think narrenschiff is Keef - the guy that files false suspension issues:

    For some bizarre reason, Keef makes up stories and sends them in anonymously to NHTSA.

    @ALSET - Suspension issues are not at all common. Now that doesn't mean you don't have a real problem. I'd stay with Tesla, especially if it is in warranty. Sometimes a bit of grease is all that is needed. Sometimes it is more.
  • Definitely the troll du jour, though keef is mickeymouse this week.
  • > @Aerodyne said:
    > Yes, I have lowered my expectations since my last SeC visit.

    @Aerodyne - could you post what the problem was after your service? Maybe it can help me point the techs to my problem on my next visit. Thanks.
  • @Allset...sure, bumped my appt out to next quarter to avoid the rush.

    We will see what happens. I am expecting a response that the clicking is normal.
  • @Aerodyne - They tried that with me on the second visit. I went to Service the first time and they changed out the steering wheel. When the sound never went away I went back the 2nd time and the manager was saying, "Oh all Model S steering wheels have some noise, sometimes it's just normal." I was like well the sound wasn't there when I bought the car. That's when he said he'd have the head tech ride with me and the tech said "Oh yeah I hear that. I think it's the suspension". Now I'm waiting for my 3rd visit for the same issue. If they tell you it's normal are you going to accept that?
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