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Regenerative braking control missing from Driving page

Title says it all. New owner of 2020 MS LR+. Noticed that regenerative braking control is nowhere to be found on the Driving page. I'd really like to be able to shift to Low, especially in wet or slippery New England weather. I'm concerned about safety during the learning curve to driving with full regenerative braking. The car is on 2020.36.11. Is this likely to come back by itself, or should I call a SC?


  • Here's a link to a photo of my MCU set to the Driving page:
  • Did you already try rebooting?
  • Read this on TMC, too. Must be a bug in the update.

    This better be fixed by winter as not having low regen ability is a serious safety hazard.
  • > @EVRider said:
    > Did you already try rebooting?

    Yep. Rebooted both the MCU and the car. And, this situation persisted through a software upgrade that was installed yesterday. I really hoped upgrading to 2020.36.11 would fix this. I made a service call to Tesla.
  • I have 2020.36.11, and the option appears on my Driving page. 2017 S90D upgraded to MCU 2 and HW 3.
  • @BioSci - Service can't help you with software issues, which this clearly is. You just have to wait for an update that fixes it.
  • The car is hazardous to drive in its present condition. I may need to return it before my 7 days are up if they can only fix this with a software update sometime in the next month or two. The problem already persisted across one software update - why should I expect that another would fix this?
  • @BioSci ” The car is hazardous to drive in its present condition.”

  • It can get slippery without warning here in New England. I'm not enough of a skilled Tesla driver to consistently gently ease off the accelerator as traffic conditions ahead suddenly change, and there's a risk of getting rear-ended when the car decelerates much faster than intended.
  • I think you’ll learn pretty quickly. The biggest thing to get past the the muscle memory of moving your font from one pedal to the other.
  • This is a sad commentary on humans.
  • It is an important, safety-related feature and one that was sold to you as part of the purchase contract. It’s not there. It can take months for Tesla to rectify software bugs so if you are within the 7 day return period, return the car. They will try almost anything to push you beyond the 7 days so you will be committed (and stuck). Get out while you can.
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