Model S

New battery tech to save old 85kwh battery pack

Will Tesla use new battery tech that announce on Sep 22 to save old battery pack? I don't mind to pay for upgrade.


  • Nope, not gonna happen.
  • Not sure why any pack needs "saving". You can save it until 2100 if you want.

    Now if you want to replace it with a new pack, you can also do that, but it will be another 85 and it will be costly. Hard to see the value in doing that, but it is an option Tesla makes available.

    With one or two rare exceptions in the early days, Tesla does not provide any means to do a pack upgrade, such as an 85 to a 100. In part, there have been so many changes, including electrical connections, fluid connections, cooling capacity, wire sizes to handle higher currents, the addition of the pyro fuse, and more.
  • Best to keep the car until the pack won't charge, or the wheels fall off, etc.

    Then perhaps pull some good modules and turn them into a power wall.

    My hope is the early MS will become collectable enough someone will make refurbished packs available if Tesla does not support.
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