Model S

Mechanical, unwinding sound when decelerating at low speed (new wheels/tires)

Yesterday I put on a new set of staggered 21" wheels. They are aftermarket (non-Tesla) that arrived mounted and balanced. After installing I immediately noticed a sound while decelerating at low speed prior to stopping. I have read many threads on noises the MS makes. The best description I can give is a mechanical, unwinding sound. It seems obvious that this is in some way related to the wheels and tires, but I do not think balance or alignment is a possible cause because there is no accompanying vibration and the "mechanicalness" of the sound. The overall weight of the wheels and tires is nearly the same (slightly less) than the original 19" wheels and tires. Has anyone experienced anything like this post-wheel swap?


  • I believe I solved my own problem in a rather surprising way. Switching the braking regen mode to low and back to standard seems to have made the noise go away. When updating the wheels size in the vehicle configuration there was a "hard reset" that left me sitting with black screens for a few minutes. The regen mode was in standard at that time. It seems something needed to be recalibrated and this reset did not account for it, but the switch back and forth did. It does not really make sense, but that was the only variable change between the car making the noise and the car no longer making the noise. Coincidence? Possibly, but I have nothing else to attribute it to. Hope this helps somebody.
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