Model S

Tune In Loading issues 2016 S

In the last month I have been experiencing Tune In loading problems. Some of my favorite station will load and others, that always worked, do no. What's wrong? I havce rebooted several times to no avail. I am on 2020. version.


  • No other posts that I have seen on this issue. Skipping and slow loading of streaming content are early symptoms of MCU1 emmc chip failure.
  • I had a similar issue after using a trial Spotify account. Afterward I could only use a few TuneIn and Slacker channels. Resets would not work. It required a small team of Tesla techs somewhere to reset my accounts at the mothership.
  • I have this problem after my MCU1 failed and was replaced with a complete new unit. MSNBC will not load but CNN will??
  • I’ve had the same issue even after getting the new daughterboard with CNBC. I’d consider it a blessing if MSNBC wouldn’t load. :)
  • I didn't want to think this was a political issue, but now that you mention it... What with all the pressure on the CDC and FDA, maybe they've gotten to the FCC too ;-)
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