Solar Panels

12.24 kWh system timeline. VERY HAPPY INDEED

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You get $100 for using it. Thanks in advance.

Here is the timeline so far.
6/21 ordered system online and paid the $100.
6/23 uploaded images of my electrical panels.
6/25 notified system design is ready for review.
7/7 site survey.
7/10 received confirmation of system.
7/11 submitted plans to HOA.
7/13 received approval from HOA
7/17 decided to finance panels. Very easy.
8/26 Scheduled installation for 9/22
8/27 install bumped up to 9/17
9/18 install complete. County inspection scheduled for 9/22.

System runs great.


  • Good to see a happy camper on here. This forum seems to have devolved into a Tesla-bashing party.

    Fortunately, the vast majority of Tesla Energy customers are very happy with their outcomes. I just wish more (like us) would post here.
  • I am here to answer questions.
  • Bumping this. Thousands of installs but only the negative experiences like to post
  • Hard to imagine that there is someone who is lucky enough to be happy with Tesla's service\solar products...
  • OP, where are you based?
  • joespinney is trying to make this forum his own private money-making SPAM venture, by starting many threads (seven, at last count), and adding his posts to many others as well. He then sprinkles his referral code throughout.

    Here, for example, he has bumped one of his previous SPAM threads to get it back to the top of the forum. (I guess he needs a new pair of Nikes.) This is egregious abuse of the Tesla fora, and anyone that supports his sociopathic behavior by actually using his code is complicit in his flouting of norms.
  • Must be nice ordered on 6/27, its 10/18 and still waiting on installation schedule. They sat on the paperwork from August to September and finally submitted the interconnection paperwork late September with no updates on when they will schedule.
  • Here are the highlights from the timeline on my 12.24 kW solar panel installation:
    6/26 - order date
    HOA approvals, permits...
    9/2-9/3 - install date
    Inspections, applications...
    10/14 - utility gives PTO
    Today - system up and running although I am not seeing real-time data from my solar panels, I do see the historical graph in the lower half of the app the upper is -- kW grayed out, no error lights on gateway, ticket opened and awaiting response...
  • Have you ever talked to your "advisor"?
    Was it the same person that it was supposed to be?
    I have a feeling that these names that the call center customer service tells us are made up persons.
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