Model S

Interesting, Tesla reintroduces enhanced auto pilot

Will be a good thing on two fronts -

1. More people will be able to take advantage of features that are already available without having to depends on regulation implications

2. Will boost bookings for the quarter with barely over a week to go


  • At least EAP isn't vaporware and its name isn't as deceptive as FSD.
  • Barry trolling on all cylinders.
  • BH - snarking away. Must be bored without new superchargers to snag.
  • Got about 50 on deck any day now.
  • According to, the "new" EAP option will only be available until the end of this month.
  • End of quarter games. No surprise.
  • I hope some will buy it...I have dumb summon, but not enough cameras for the smart summon, so I won't bite.
  • I don’t think this is just an end of The quarter gimmick. This is game changing. People can pay to take advantage of what is available now and most importantly, it does not cost Tesla a dime. No h/w upgrade needed.
  • Do people think that the EAD is worth $4000?
  • It was a $5000 option when I bought mine over two years ago—four if you count the wait.
  • I plunked down $5K for the EAP on my Model 3, 2 years ago.

    I can safely say I won’t go for the FSD, but EAP is what I’m happy with, most of the hands-free driving I prefer done on freeways and ramps anyway.
  • > @ronnert said:
    > Do people think that the EAD is worth $4000?

    It depends on the individual. Only you can tell whether it is worth for you or not. To me, on a $100k+ car, spending that extra to have a highly sophisticated feature that makes driving on the Bay Area highways so much more stress free, is highly valuable.
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