Model X

Picking up my 2020 Tesla X

Very excited to pick up my new Tesla X in Mt. Kisco NY but unfortunately the car had numerous problems.
The manager just told me that they will try to find me another vehicle tomorrow, I just waited 3 months. The worst part is I paid in full and Tesla is saying they can not reverse the charge for 6 weeks.

Here is a short list of the problems I found today.

1) My 22 inch black rim was dented
2) Paint chipping under the front headlights
3) Paint drip under rear spoiler, towards window
4) Numerous paint chip mark all over the vehicle, the dealer tried to cover up themselves and used touch up paint but they used white not pearl white.
5) Rubber seal around top glass was not inserted properly


  • I want to comment, the staff at this dealership works extremely hard, pushing out 400 plus cars a week and they have alot of customer service issues to deal with. Elon please get this dealer more staff!
  • Sorry about the problems you encountered. Tesla doesn't have dealers. They have stores, galleries, and service centers.
  • i picked up my 2020 ModelX with similar issues and now i have to wait a month to get the punch list corrected. I was so excited to own a Tesla but the delivery really sucked and i would not recommend a Tesla to anyone! How do you take a 100K car and not have white glove service and pay attention to details. This would not happen at any other luxury dealer.
  • The push is on to meet the deliveries expectations (and apparently it's still showing on their final products they are turning out according to this post). Fit and Finish as they call it, was never a strong point for Tesla in general, I know first hand, but they are the only game in town basically still, at this point, so just try the next one they find for you (chances are it will be some car that was sitting on a lot somewhere still for other or some of the same reasons unfortunately. I feel for you bc the X is pricey so I know what you expect. More options will be out in a couple years.
  • Get the refund. Don’t do it. You will regret it. We have had many issues and the customer service is horrible. There are reoccurring issues with the car that they have been unable to fix so they have just given up. They will not even look at some of the issues anymore and if they can’t find the problem they will try to charge you for the visit; absolutely atrocious!
  • You're all creeping me out. I just bought one and am expecting delivery next week. I was going to drive over 200 miles each way to get it, but they're delivering it to my home instead, which will take a bit longer. I'll certainly give it a good look before I sign anything.
  • @vetswidow - Hmmmm . . . did Tesla change protocol? I am in the UP of MI, 450 miles from the Chicago galleria where my car was delivered. I opted not to have the car delivered to our cabin here since I would have had to pay for the car before it was shipped - sight unseen. Instead, I flew down down to Chicago in August of 2019 to inspect the car before tendering payment. BTW, the complaints that you will see on this forum . . . although legitimate . . . are also outliers. My MX like most others that get delivered had no blems, gap alignment, appearance/functional issues or problems. Enjoy your new MX when it gets delivered!!
  • I'm physically disabled. Apparently--so they claim--they are making an exception on the delivery for me, but it's starting to feel like I'm being punished instead. Originally, I was to pick up my car in KC, MO today. Now I have no idea when it will get here. None! I've already paid for it, already have it on my insurance policy, etc. I'm getting zero feedback when I ask for delivery information. I think I'm going to have to pay someone to help me get it myself. It's frustrating to buy a $100,000 car and not have it in my possession!
  • Please try and have patience. It's the end of the quarter & you are not the only delivery. Yeah.....I know it sucks but I promise it's worth the wait.
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