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SolarEdge HD Wave inverter Breaker Tripped

I have a SolarEdge solar inverter which had its breaker tripped. After finding that out I tried reseting it and turning the inverter back on. Once attempting that the inverter started making some cracking noises, so I immediately turned the breaker off again. I have also turned the switch on the inverter off and the main shutoff switch for it as well. Now I have tried reaching out to Tesla via phone but there is no option to have someone pickup the phone. How do I contact Tesla to get them to schedule someone to come out and checkout what is wrong?


  • Not sure what number you're trying. I've usually gotten through without any hold time or waiting. Try Tesla Energy at 1-877-961-7692. It may save time if you have your job number from the installation. Mine starts with "JB" but I don't know if every job does.
  • My solar edge inverter has been broken since March! next available appointment Jan 15 2021!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck
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