Enhanced Autopilot Special Price

I previously purchased autopilot on 1/21/20 I believe for 3k. Now there is an offer for enhanced autopilot for 4k. I would gladly pay the difference (1k) for the additional enhancements but it would seem crazy to pay 4k when a number of the enhancements I already have. Would this be a possibility?


  • Basic AP comes standard. 4K is the price to upgrade from basic AP to EAP.
  • Basic AP only has TACC and Autosteer. EAP has much more: Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Summon, Autopark, etc. You won’t get all that for $1,000.
  • What is the total cost with this "special" if I don't have either AP or EAP?

    7k or 4k?
  • Look on your phone app under ‘Upgrades’ to see what they cost.
  • EbThomas - I think it will be 4k to buy EAP (not FSD), but like Prescott says, check on your phone app to be sure.
  • It was already checked by other user. If he doesn't have AP then AP plus EAP will be 7 k
  • > @Freedm1nds said: Would this be a possibility?"

    Heck no. This is a money pitch by Tesla so no discounts. It looks like FSD is not selling at $8k so Tesla took some of the features and bundled them for $4k, half price and some features, in order to generate some cash.
  • Monetising the features people can use within the current regulatory environments, while putting a premium on future capability, makes sense to me.
  • Anyone notice that enhanced autopilot option for $4k is no longer shown in the Tesla App? My options now only show Mod Y speed upgrade and full autopilot for $8k. Enhanced autopilot ($4k) option appears to have been pulled after only a week or so?
  • God. It was short promotion valid until September 30th.
  • > @ScSad said: Enhanced autopilot ($4k) option appears to have been pulled after only a week or so? "

    Just old school marketing come on, "limited time offer".

    The reasons behind it, slow sales of "Full Self Driving" remain so look for more "limited time offers". Of course in the case of Tesla's FSD, its also a limited functionality offer.
  • Fish is known Troll and lier.
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