Model S

Still waiting for my FSD computer upgrade

I purchased the FSD upgrade when Tesla had that sale for $2000 in March 2019. I figured even if FSD never materialized, the computer and HW upgrade would be worth $2000. I know newer configurations than mine have received their upgrades. I am planning to do the MCU upgrade at the same time. But so far, not a word.

2017 MS 100D (VIN 200XXX)
HW 2.0
Auto Pilot
Premium Upgrades


  • @diamonds2 - It's really easy. Just open the Tesla app and set up a service appointment. In a few locations, they may delay the upgrade if they don't have the part in stock, but I expect in 95% of the cases they will do it at the scheduled time. I've had my 2016 S done, so it's not a limit of year of car.
  • They typically reach out to you when they're ready to do the HW3 upgrade. Same for offering the MCU2 upgrade. But it can't hurt to ask.
  • I just set a service appointment and asked for the HW3 upgrade in the text. A nice tech did the job in our driveway. HW3 is so much smoother in AP!
  • Don't hold your breath for Tesla to contact you. Like you, I was waiting based on the email saying they would, but never did. Noticed folks were getting their upgrade as well as MCU upgrade. I made an appointment via the app for my FSD and MCU2 upgrade.
  • I scheduled service to get HW3 in our 2018 MX last month. There were also a bunch of service bulletins and they got all those taken care of while it was in.
  • For those who are getting the Hw3 upgrade from AP2.0 are they seeing traffic lights and stop signs? Any other improvements beside that?

    I have FSD and not once my enhanced auto pilot feature worked for me like turn by turn. I see the option when I start a navigation but it never works! I wonder if Hw3 it’s any better?
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