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Co-owner App Access

Just a quick question about access to the car in the app. Should a co-owner of a new car get access via the app automatically or does the primary owner need to add the co-owner as an additional driver? I added my wife as an additional driver because hours after the car showed up in my app she still didn't see it. I assume this was the right thing to do but our delivery specialist told both of us to expect the car to show up in a few hours. I'm ok with this state of affairs but it does consume an additional driver slot so would rather not take up that slot if not totally necessary. Doubtful we'll need more than 4 extra drivers any time soon but just wanted to know what is expected. Thanks!


  • You cans all either use the primary login, or setup additional user emails on the owners page.
  • Tesla sets up the account used to order the car with access via the app. If you want to give access to co-owners, you have to request it. I recommend using separate accounts for each owner.

    Car Access
    What is Car Access?
    Car Access allows you to add and remove access permission for an additional driver. You can add and remove additional drivers at any time from your Tesla Account.

    Which permissions will my additional driver have?
    Your additional driver will have access to all Tesla app features except requesting Roadside Assistance and purchasing Upgrades.

    How can I give Car Access an additional driver?
    Follow these steps to add your additional driver:

    Log into your Tesla Account
    Click ‘Manage’
    Under ‘Car Access’, select ‘Add Driver’
    Enter their name and email address
    Click ‘Save’
    Note: If no Tesla Account is associated with the additional driver’s email address, your additional driver will receive an email confirmation prompting to complete creating an account.
  • EVrider - there a tool on the owners page now where can add up user emails.
  • Yes, I’ve seen that. When we added my wife’s account to her Model 3, that option wasn’t available on the web site, I had to contact Tesla to do it.
  • You’re welcome
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