Given the disruptive nature of Tesla’s forward thinking - plans need be made now
to deal with backlash if a major U.S. car company goes under to where jobs and
economies become adversely affected. “Turtle” to the rescue. In addition to putting
renewable energy to work in personal transportation, the Turtle line can absorb EOL
industries, converting them to productive use manufacturing Turtle parts, either as
independents or acquisitions of Tesla. Today making alternators, tomorrow making
Axial Flux motors and generators for a sustainable future. Today making electronic
parts, tomorrow doing the same for Turtles with an eye to keeping those now employed
in the industry safe, secure and with an economic future. MegaFactories geared to
sustaining economic order. Next step would be to make new cities, bulldozing those
dying, (say sea level communities), thus progressing mankind. The “machine that
makes the machine” becomes the “machine that makes new cities,” new housing,
new employment centers, new parks, new lakes, plants trees, provides for personal
Vibrant, socially organized, ecologically sound, and all made with renewable energy.
Backlash is coming, opportunity to deal with that is also coming…...

Turtle Power:


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