MCU v1 or v2?

My model X is out of warranty and needs a new MCU. I'm mostly skeptical that replacing it with v1 will die again in 4 years. I'm considering upgrading to v2. The difference is $1400 or $2500. Maybe v2 will only last 4 years also? I'm not that interested in the features in v2 but I am interested in something that might last longer. Does anyone have an opinion on this? Does anyone know how long v2 has been out and if it had the same failure rate?
Thanks for your opinions.


  • MCU2 went into production in March 2018 so there isn’t enough data to predict longevity. I haven’t heard people reporting MCU2 failures here, but I haven’t been paying attention to the MCU failure threads either. People have said there’s a particular design issue with MCU1 that causes the failures, and MCU2 has a different design.
  • Thanks. That's what I wanted to know. Basically take a chance for $1100 more that it might have better longevity. I'm going to save my money this round. Thanks
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