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    Wonder how soon they'll need another assembly line.
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    Wonder what the features are
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    Made of tinanium.
    0-60 in 1.9 sec.
    Range 5K.
    cost $60K.

    Or so the rumor I just started says.
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    typo: titanium
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    Or was that unobtitanium? I forget.
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    Unobtainium is for motor windings and electrical connections/cabling.
    Then when 80+kW-h supercap packs become affordable, we can have ~100% regen.
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    Unob-titanium soon to be ob-titaniable?
    Trouble is, looks to be worth doing only for exhaust pipes, which BEVs don't have!
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    It's expensive, cramped and takes forever to "refuel," but there's no denying the 2011 Tesla Roadster's performance credentials or its ability to stand out in a gasoline-powered crowd.
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    Looks like it based on the link. Flagged as inappropriate.
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    That article misses a key point: Tesla would only be "spreading itself too thin" if it allows an increasing number of models to exponentially increase its supply chain complexity. And it certainly doesn't have to make that mistake.

    For example, I believe that Tesla should design each chassis from now on (medium for the S and X, small for the Gen-3 car, etc.) to be able to use dual motors. If they do that, then creating a Model R is easy as pie:

    1. Use the small chassis.
    2. Drop in two of the motors from the Performance Model S.
    3. Create a drop-dead-gorgeous body shape.
    4. Put in the same iconic Tesla interior.

    Other than the design of the two-seat supercar body to sit on top of that chassis, there's a lot of Tesla standard parts in there. And with not a whole lot of cost or complexity for Tesla, you have a <em>very serious</em> supercar: over 800 hp, almost 900 lb-ft of torque, all-wheel-drive, probably 150+ miles of EPA-rated range, and a very high-margin and high-visibility product for Tesla.

    That thing would turn heads <em>everywhere</em>.
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    Spammer. Flagged all posts as such
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