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Dynamic Home Charging

Hi all,

We are remodeling the kitchen and I need 50Amps of current for the induction range. Unfortunately, my apartment doesn't have enough power with the 48A home charger I have installed.

Is there any way to have the charger draw less current when power is needed elsewhere? Ideally, it would use the full 48Amps when nothing is running and would either reduce current usage or stop altogether when kitchen appliances need power.

Thanks !


  • Cheapest way is to use scheduled charging. Or you can lower the charging rate on your car.
    Someone posted in another thread a device that will switch power between 2 devices. The forum search sux so I could not find it right away. There is also a thread discussing how much power you really need that has good info.

    Maybe someone with better search skills will find those threads and post a link here.
  • When do you cook ? When do you charge ? I schedule my charge for 11:00 pm.

    Also, I assume when you say 48amp home charger, you mean you have it hooked up to a 60amp breaker. Do you need that fast of a charge ?

    Or is this the electrician telling you he can't/won't add another 50amp breaker to your panel ?
  • So yes, this is the electrician telling my than I cannot add another 50Amp breaker.

    As far as scheduled charging, it's a possibility, but mistakes happen, i.e. someone might forget and turn on the oven at 2am (god knows what for), which would trip a breaker that is very hard to turn back on (it requires building management to intervene and would therefore mean no power until they wake up at 8am).

    Switch power between two devices - this sounds promising! I will search for it
  • So your wall charger is on a 60 amp breaker?, you should be able to set the Tesla Wall charger lower.
  • you could also change the breaking for the car charger to a lower amperage
  • There is a product for sharing the charging circuit with an electric cloths dryer. that might be the answer.

    Also it is unlikely the oven would pull 50 amps It is those induction "burners" that pull the current and unless you left them on and had a "magnetic" pan on them they would not take any power.

    I would ask your electrician if he swaps out you 60amp breaker with a 30, can he go ahead and put in the 50amp breaker for the stove.
  • I think you mean:

    and this is exactly what I need, thank you so much!!
  • Dryer Buddy is the name of the product which has been discussed on different Tesla forums.
  • It is nice when the forum works the way it was intended.
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