Georgia Power EV Rate - good deal or not?

I'm expecting delivery of a MY this fall, and I've already wired my garage. Because of the $250 rebate from GA Power, I sprung for the Tesla Wall Charger - even though a NEMA 14-50 would probably have sufficed.

My question is about GAPower's EV Rate. Does anyone in the area have experience using it, and does it make sense (as in cents!) to switch?

I have gas cooktop, HW Heater, and furnace. So AC, dryer, and oven are my biggest electric consumers. The car will add some power usage, but I'm retired and log low mileage, probably only about 8-10k miles/year.

I downloaded the usage history for my townhome. My summer bills are about $200, with a peak of about 60kWh on a hot summer day. (February drops to $70/mo, 25kWh/day).

I read the EV rate description online:

The website provides a putative cost comparison between EV and gasoline (but the assumptions aren't really valid) yet they offer absolutely comparison of typical Residential vs EV electric rates. And now I know why!

The bureaucrats at GA Power and the PUC have made any comparison extremely difficult, even for a nerdy spreadsheet guy like me.

The rates are tiered, and change with seasons, both of which are fine. And the EV Rate also changes with Time of Use - which is the point. But the base electric rate is only a small component of the monthly cost - the add-ons for Service Charge, Environmental Compliance Cost Recovery, Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery, Demand Side Management Schedule, and Fuel Cost Recovery Fee all serve to dilute and obscure the effects of a choice of rate plan.

Under the EV Rate the penalty during prime hours is steep - $0.20 vs $0.10 (rounded) at the times when most people use the most power. Are we better off remaining on the Residential Rate or switching to the EV Rate? GP doesn't provide enough info to project with confidence.

I'll program my car to charge during off-peak hours regardless of rate plan, it's the responsible thing to do. But I'd love to know if I could actually benefit from a TOU rate plan.

Anyone brave enough to try the EV Rate (one year commitment required!). I'd love to hear your experience. Thank you in advance.


  • I have been on the Georgia Power EV TOU plan for 2 years. I am a nerd but not a data nerd so I do not have hard data to prove it is better. Also, I drive 80 miles per day on work days averaging 20k per year. So I charge my car every other day.
    If you want to compare the total cost of charging including all the junk fees check out optiwatt. It is a free service that shows the real cost of your charging based on your rate plan. You could tell optiwatt you have a different rate plan and it will show the cost of your charging.
    I have no doubt the EV rate plan has saved me a lot of money.
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