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Tesla Veterans Please help in lease situation

So too quickly make my situation understood. I have a 2019 Tesla Model 3 under a 2 year lease my mile limit is 30,000 miles. I am coming super close to this number around 29,920, but I haven't reached my 2 year mark I have 1 year and 1/2. I haven't been reached by any Tesla representative, I reached to my Tesla dealership and no one has a solid answer in what to do in this situation they just keep on redirecting me to another person then to emails. I haven't gotten any contact back. If anyone has any tips in what do to in this situation due to being my first time Tesla owner please help. Or if you have any insight in what to do specifically do in this situation if Tesla offers more miles or something please link it down below. Thank you very much guys God bless.


  • doesn't tesla charge somewhere around 25 cents per mile over the limit?
  • Sounds like a bargain, put another 10k on it and enjoy.
  • there should be language in your lease agreement that covers overage mileage.
  • I’ve never leased a car but I sold them in college. A vehicle lease is a lease, No difference because it’s a Tesla. Overage miles should be clearly spelled out in the lease agreement.
  • Only ever done a couple of lease purchase deals, and in another country. Comments above about looking at the lease agreement will do doubt, be helpful.

    On the agreements that I’ve had the excess mileage charges weren’t enough to be concerned about, but I traded or bought the cars anyway (they were lease purchase rather than lease) so the figures went away (or I benefitted from lower use).
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