Model 3

Why FSD and EAP is vastly overpriced.

I really hope this post finds you well and stop potential buyers from making a foolish purchase on FSD or EAP.

If you are planning to spend $8k or even $4k on either FSD or EAP, please reconsider as your current M3 does not have the proper and updated hardware to fulfill completed FSD pipe dream. It's like trying to access 5G network with 2G smart phones. Our current version of M3 does not have the hardware technology to run FSD, period. In coming days, I'll do a full write up with a complete teardown on Tesla's hardware.

I do enjoy driving my son's M3, and do visit this forum time to time but I just can't get over how most of you are totally fooled by TSLA pumpers like Bighorn and few on this board that makes posting in this forum their primary occupation. LOL.

What I enjoy about M3 is the drive-ability, comfort, and power. What I hate about M3 is the lack of build quality and mostly faulty AP and TACC.

If you are spending $8k which is equivalent of about 25% of the cost of the M3 for a BETA FSD which will never function at 100%, and think Bighorn is such a great guy taking good care of you, you need to wake the ---- up.

Be a frugal shopper and demand what you've paid for and STOP listening to these clowns!
For God's sake, WAKE UP!!!

Until you speak up, all you have is a BETA that you dropped $8k for. Now, how stupid is that? And you are gong to continuously listen to some of these clowns on this board? Did these clowns help you to buy the BETA version of the FSD or AP? I didn't think so. SMH...


  • Trollers gonna troll

    Must be a Detroit Lions fan.

    Lions gonna Lion
  • Not sure that Tesla's "FSD" is overpriced, likely a nice profit ratio on it but still HW, SW likely adds $10k to the car is the bottom line.

    In Tesla's case they put it all in the car but likely just 20% of owners pay for it.
  • Andrew, you're going to perform a complete teardown of Tesla's hardware? From your son's M3? What's your profession? Are you a EE?
  • Before it existed, people guessed as high as $30k for autonomy.
    How much is a chauffeur these days?
  • Also.....when you purchase FSD you get continual hardware upgrades to get to FSD.

    I can guarantee you my 2018 Model X is virtually the same as a 2020 Model X (cept the suspension)
  • Haha and he is back
  • I am adding you to sore losers list with Fish and Howard and Maxxer. Congrats, you made it buddy.
  • TEA SCORE 100%.
  • > @Bighorn said:
    > Before it existed, people guessed as high as $30k for autonomy.

    "Many of Trump’s most famous catchphrases are actually versions of time-tested speech mechanisms that salespeople use. They’re powerful because they help shape our unconscious.

    Take, for example, Trump’s frequent use of "Many people are saying…" or "Believe me" — often right after saying something that is baseless or untrue. This tends to sound more trustworthy to listeners than just outright stating the baseless claim, since Trump implies that he has direct experience with what he’s talking about. At a base level, Lakoff argues, people are more inclined to believe something that seems to have been shared."

    Fox News is infamous for masking total fabrications with "people are saying".

    $30k is probably way low.

    "$80 Billion Has Been Spent on Self-Driving Cars With Nothing to Show for It."

    And that's for 2014-2017 with spending increasing by 100% a year.
  • To the thread title, it’s not. Goodbye.
  • From what i just heard Musk say about autopilot, i am nearly going to buy FSD.
  • Bighorn---you are such a great guy, and thank you for taking care of me.
  • @mcmack15_98171493
    Thanks? Can’t remember how I helped, but happy to do so when I can.
  • New name for Andrew. Andrew the Savior! Lol
  • Fish, you are the biggest manipulator of facts I’ve ever witnessed.
  • If/when Tesla perfects FSD and launches a low cost Uber service, how many people will stop driving altogether if it cost more to own/insure/maintain a personal vehicle? I could see keeping one car just because, at least for awhile, but car ownership might be like owning a horse years from now.
  • Not sure, I find enormous pleasure driving a car.
  • As long as people are willing to pay a given price for something, it is not “overpriced”.

    Look at what people pay for diamonds and they are as common as the name Jones, Smith etc.
  • > @lbowroom said:
    > Fish, you are the biggest manipulator of facts I’ve ever witnessed.

    Key is sticking with the facts. Thanks for acknowledging I’m always factual.
  • By definition, a thing is overpriced only if nobody is willing to pay for it. Based on the number of people on this forum that claim to have paid for FSD, along with the fact that Tesla has just raised the price to $8k, I would say that there are people who are willing to pay for it, and Tesla is adjusting the price point to find the sweet spot.
  • +1 @jordanrichard_629778 and @"Family.Joules"

    I would hazard a guess that most people paying for the FSD package are not doing so expecting a short timeline on self-driving cars. They are doing so for the current feature set, short-term anticipated additions, and hardware upgrades that are included in that. It's no longer "Pay 3k [after paying 5k for EAP] and have nothing to show for it." There are defined features only under the FSD umbrella that are currently available to use.
  • The truth about Andrew.

    He claimed an unintended acceleration event. Several owners replicated his issue in a sincere attempt to help him. His wife accidently shifted the car in neutral and pressed the accelerator, then Andrew reached over and shifted back into drive. With the accelerator pressed, the car accelerated. Of course, he blamed the car and labeled it a "real danger". I would not place a great deal of credence in the opinion of someone that lacks an understanding of even the most basic driving principles.
  • guys give him credit. it will technically be beta because it will continue to be improved indefinitely. By definition and technicality, that is beta. hes right.

    And good to know that i didnt buy something like LIDAR that doesnt improve with the car over time.
  • That is not why it is in beta, just FYI.
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