Model 3

Tesla Car Cover in windy conditions

I'm looking into buying the Tesla cover for my Model 3 since my wife is getting a Y and we'll be sharing our 1 charger/parking spot in our condo basement. The wind off the ocean can kick up without warning.
Does anyone have any experience with the Tesla cover in wind?
Does it secure snuggly around the bottom?
Or will I likely need to fish a bungee cord under the car every day?
Thank you for any insight or other recommendations!


  • My model 3 Tesla Outdoor cover fits like a glove and I have never had issues with wind. The front and back of the cover tuck tightly under the bottom of the car. There is also a very nice set of eyelets at the midpoint if you are expected a hurricane. But for ocean winds I don't see you needing to tie it on.
  • I had a car cover on my other car and parked in unattended in an open parking lot across from the beach for 4 months and the cover never came off. A friend who has under building parking has multiple cars and the covers never came off.

    Only problem is that the salt mist caused some of the covers to get brittle and crack when they were taken off the cars.

    The main problem with being by the ocean is rust on metal. My mom's rotors were rusted beyond repair after 3 yrs since she never washed her car when she lived across the street from the ocean. During the 1970s when she lived directly on the beach and kept the car in an attached garage she needed a new muffler every 2 years since they werent made of stainless steel like they are now. She got her money's worth out of Midas Lifetime warranty.
  • Thank you for the responses. We pulled the trigger on the Tesla Model 3 & Y covers. Now I just need to make sure my wife understands you only put the cover on your car if it's clean. Wish me luck.
  • You think your wife is going to put the cover on? You must be recently married. LOL
  • @dnlhardee_98601754 - The only put the cover on a clean (and dry) car is very important.
    Also the cover is to keep sun, bird crxp, tree sap and the like off the car. It is not really the best idea to use it to keep the car dry.
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