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Charging cable length question

So, I see that there are two choices for charging cable, one 8.5' long and one 18' long. If I mount the charging station on the side of my house, which would be on the right side of the car, will it reach to the driver's side charging port? I went out and measured and came away thinking, well, it seems close but it should work, but I don't know for sure. I realize it seems like a silly question.

Should I wait until the 18' cable is in stock? Would I have to back into my driveway to make it work?




  • IMHO, wait for the longer cable.
  • Agreed, wait for the longer cable
  • Get the longer cable. You'll be glad you did especially if you travel with it.
  • > @gmr6415_98290986 said:
    > Get the longer cable. You'll be glad you did especially if you travel with it.

    Travel with it????
  • Gmr- Only the permanent mount wall charger has an option in cable length, not the portable.
  • Longer cable only makes things simpler.
  • You absolutely want the longer cable.
  • @lbowroom, Yes. Bad day yesterday. Simply wasn't thinking straight. For some reason I thought when I ordered my M3 there was a choice of cable length, but now I remember that was when I was considering the wall charger.
  • @gmr6415_98290986 No harm, no foul.
  • FWIW, with the longer cable, it's not an issue if one has a short distance to go. The wall connector is designed to have the cable coiled around it.
  • In my set up I got the shorter cable as I drive nose in to my garage and the connector is on that side. Buy whatever works for you. Sounds like the longer one fits your needs better
  • I got the longer cable in case my wife wants to add another Tesla to our garage. The shorter cable is very slightly more efficient because there is less cable to heat up but the first time you use the extra length you'll be glad you bought it.
  • My wife prefers a longer cable as well.

  • Thanks everybody! I’ll go with the longer cable although the shorter one might make it.
  • Once again, the forum is working as it should. :-)
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