Model 3

No premium connectivity - frustration ensues

Hey all, my premium connectivity expired after a year. I want to try using the hotspot feature on my phone in lieu.

So, when i get in my car, and the hotspot is on(on my phone), the tesla connects to my phone and is already streaming music or radio or whatever i was streaming before... from my phone. Great!
except as soon as i put the car in Drive or Reverse, the car turns OFF Wi-Fi, and starts using premium LTE.
Premium LTE lasts for a minute or so, and then realizes I do not have premium LTE and turns off.
Now... Wi-Fi is off still. I have to tap Wi-Fi at top right, turn it on, wait for my phone's hotspot to show up, and tap it, then tap connect. Yeah... not cool.

Can we change a setting somewhere that makes it NOT turn off Wi-Fi when switching from P to D or R? If there is such a setting, I cannot find it.



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