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Anyone have a failed inverter during a new install? (new 8.16kwh system)


Has this happened to anyone? I'm in NorCal and we just had an 8.16kwh system installed today with a 1 Powerwall (for home/subpanel backup). The big moment came when we flipped the switch for testing! The Powerwall and gateway came up fine - but the SolarEdge HD Wave inverter would not "commission" - it showed power being produced but got stuck at "Optimizing - 0 of 0 found" (we have 24 panels). They also thought it was odd that the inverter showed it was in "night mode" while it was late afternoon and we had full daylight.

Tesla's subcontractor tried to restart the inverter a few times and thought the unit might be defective. They advised me they do installs and, once done, Tesla takes care of the maintenance. They will open a ticket with Tesla to have the unit checked (with possible RMA).

So I'm really new to this being it was just installed and all - but any tips?

I will also call my project advisor to let them know to see if we can expedite the review and fix. So excited to have it installed but not working was definitely a let down. Alas, first world problems.

Thanks for any tips & insight!



  • It wasn't "installed" completely, as an installation requires that a functioning system be turned over to you. Don't pay for a system that was never installed properly. I hope you didn't sign anything acknowledging that the installation was complete, because if you did, you probably screwed the pooch, and gave away any leverage you might have had.

    No judge in any court will find for the installer, or Tesla on this one, but would you want to tie this up in court for years? Unfortunately, you're way beyond Small-Claims court qualifying value (assuming you're in the States).

    Getting it repaired by Tesla can take months. I'd go after the installer, and insist that they finish the installation. If you signed off on it, you may be stuck with Tesla's "repair", instead.
  • > @gregbrew_98470014 said:
    .........Don't pay for a system that was never installed properly......

    My second set of panels and PW are due to be installed in a few weeks - my first install last month was scrubbed due to wildfire smoke.

    My sales contract states my purchase payment to Tesla for the new system is after the inspection.

    Perhaps GarthMan will have some leverage for a quicker repair as he shouldn’t have to pay until his system passes inspection.
  • Inspection by the city doesn't necessarily include testing correct functioning of the system. City inspectors are typically interested only in it meeting building codes like correct wiring methods, proper enclosures and the like.

    It's incumbent on the homeowner to insure that it runs properly...*before the installers leave*.
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