Model 3

Sales should spike in the UK!

The UK is going to ban the sale of new fossil fuel cars in 2030. Not sure if they can accomplish this, seems very aggressive.


  • Looks like Sales will spike in in 2035 in California too!
  • Model 3 was best selling car of all types for a couple of months during Lockdown I.

    UK is currently set for 2035 for an ICE ban (that includes hybrids). There’s been discussion of bringing that forward to 2032 or 2030. Some countries on the continent are already going for a closer date.

    Interestingly a couple of very well known oil brands are reported as saying that an earlier ban would work - they have been investing in a move to renewables and buying/building charging networks. Big push toward investment in the future and branding themselves as clean energy providers.

    You see a lot of Model 3s on UK roads now. Mix of it being viewed as a very desirable car and move toward EVs? also the fact that company car drivers can save a lot of money on tax by going electric. Bumped into one guy at a supercharger who said that his new Model 3 is saving him around £500 a month ($550 to $600USD) in income tax. I didn’t think the savings would be as much as that, but it depends on the value of his alternative. Broadly speaking company car drivers are taxed on the value of the vehicle - and EVs are now tax exempt, at least for this year.

    The UK does, in my view, set a good example of how to drive EV adoption. There are other countries that are doing more, but we are getting there. Next challenge is how to provide charging infrastructure to the near 50% of homes that lack off street parking. Oh, and there’s talk of legalising self driving in the Spring...
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