Northern California

Dublin Service Center - will they fix anything on my brand new TESLA?

Worst customer service ever, I owned a LEXUS previously and customer service was great! It took me 4 weeks to get an appointment with Dublin, went to appt, they documented everything, said they would get back to me, might need to repaint my whole car, now it's 6 weeks later and no word on any fixes. I documented everything in the app like they told me to after picking up my car, sent it in, they deleted my documentation told me to resend it to Dublin Center and make an appointment. I've jumped through all of their hoops. Can't even get a call back from them after leaving 2 messages at the service center. What do you do? I have lights that are scratched, round circles on both passenger doors that won't buff out, back of seat is coming detached, paint chips under paint on hood and passenger front bumper. Any advice on how to get anything fixed? Does anyone at TESLA care what happens after you buy the car????


  • I'm having a similar experience. If you find anyone at Tesla who cares and is in a position to help, please share. I'll do the same. Best of luck.
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