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CHAdeMO Adapter

So I've just ordered my Model 3, and I'd like to confirm a couple of things.

I live in Minot, North Dakota, and there is a level 2 charger on the north side of town. I believe I need a CHAdeMO Adapter to charge there. I just want to confirm that this is the adapter I need before I bust a$450 on it.

Also, are there any cheaper alternatives?


  • If it's Level 2, you just need the included J-1772 adapter. No cost.

    If it's a CHAdeMO DC fast charger, then you need the CHAdeMO adapter to use it.
  • There is a CHADeMO charger at the Enerbase travel center, according to several Tesla owners on Plugshare it worked fine for them.
  • And, let's be clear here. My understanding is that Level 2 is 240 VAC at some current-or-other. Which is what that J-1772 is all about (if it supports DC, I guess that's news to me.) I had the impression that CHAdeMO was a DC standard and does fast charging, not as good as a Supercharger, but nominally better than a NEMA14-50.
    Note: A NEMA14-50 is going to charge your car at 240 * 32 = 7.68 kW. A full-bore J1772 can hit 19.2 kW, but that's only if you find one that goes that fast. There's some near my house, for example, that run at 6.6 kW, which is more typical and worse than a NEMA14-50. And, of course, often (but not always) there are significant charges per minute on those.
    Just looked up CHAdeMO on wikipedia. The more-or-less available 1.0 of that spec can charge up to 62.5 kW; that's nice, but about half the more-or-less standard 120 kW of an old Supercharger, less than the 150 kW on the newer ones, and a heck of a lot less than the 250 kW on the version 3 Superchargers.
    Frankly, save money and charge the car at home :smile:

    Yeah. It's a CHADeMO charger.
  • I thought you were going to install a NEMA 14-50 at your apartment? Why do you need another charging location in Minot? In two years I have never needed to charge in my city anywhere besides my home.
  • > @Spuzzz said:
    > I thought you were going to install a NEMA 14-50 at your apartment? Why do you need another charging location in Minot? In two years I have never needed to charge in my city anywhere besides my home.

    I am indeed! This is a backup option in case something goes wrong with the outlet. I'm getting a quote to get it installed tomorrow, but want to cross my T's.
  • @MrSpaceTeacher,
    Good plan to have a CHAdeMO adapter as a backup where you are. You may seldom use it but when you do, it will be very valuable. The adapter fits nicely out of the way in the frunk.
    Most of the people saying they don't need CHAdeMO live within a few miles of a Supercharger and have many J-1772 options around.
    You're area is different so you need to prepare differently.
    I used a CHAdeMO adapter several times when I was working for remotely for about 6 months in an area where I'd have to go ~30 miles out of my way (and ~30 miles back) to find a Supercharger but there were a couple of nearby CHAdeMO stations. My hotel had nothing either. It was much more convenient to just plug in to a CHAdeMO and grab supper while charging every couple of days. The bad thing was that the EVgo CHAdeMO station wasn't very reliable and limited me to 30 minutes of charging before having to restart. I had to watch the app carefully to see when I needed to restart the charge.
    I hope yours is better. I'm sure you will since you seem quite wise, but I recommend you test the Minot CHAdeMO out when you get your car and periodically afterward.
  • Congratulations! Chademo is a great option for where you live. I highly recommend a second set of 18" wheels and Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 studless tires for your ND winters ... Nokian make the best winter tires, tested to the limits in the Arctic Circle. I swap wheels and tires in early winter and back to all seasons in the spring. You can also change tires on one set of wheels but it's easier for me to keep a second set already mounted and balanced (as long as you have storage space for 4 wheels). If you have perma-snow (no bare pavement) and studded tires are legal then Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9.
  • I was headed down the road of recommending against chademo but then looked up minot on plugshare and ... it is pretty barren. I understand needing a backup solution. Kudos to MST for finding a way to make it work in a super isolated spot.
  • Chademo adapter is a good investment. It opens up thousands of EVgo, Blink, etc. 50kW/200 mph chargers.

    Look on the web for pix of the adapters so you can make sure the chargers you are looking at are in fact Chademo capable.

    After you get car and adapter, use the Chademo chargers so you get familiar with how the transactions work, how to get lowest prices etc.
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