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Moving from the fires to the frost. Advice for tires.

We have left the fires in NoCal and have relocated back to Portsmouth, NH. Any advice on tires. Should I get all season, or snow tires, or just go with the Michelins that came with the car? We will be living in town and have no need to venture out in extremely snowy weather. Also is the Tesla $300 car cover worth the money. We will be parking outdoors.


  • Michelins that came with the car are great for all the months it's above freezing at night. For winter, I highly recommend a second set of 18" wheels and Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 studless winter tires ... Nokian make the best winter tires, bar none. I swap wheels and tires in early winter and back to Michelin all seasons in the spring. You can also change tires on one set of wheels but it's easier for me to keep a second set already mounted and balanced (as long as you have storage space for 4 wheels) and it's probably easier on the tires to leave them mounted.

    Even if you don't ever drive in deep snow winter tires are designed to perform better when it's freezing or below, icy, or snowy. By swapping out all seasons for winter tires your winter tires last a few years and your all seasons last longer - so $ per year is not much. Rotating tires at the twice a year swap is easy and also prolongs tire life.
  • I use the factory tires all year round, I live in MA and have an AWD. I don't go out during a blizzard or in extreme cold so I haven't felt a need for snow tires on this car. BTW I love Portsmouth, lots of great restaurants there, or at lest there were before the pandemic.
  • Consider the fact that Tesla’s are HEAVY and winter tires are always better on winter roads, less risk of a wreck and in the long run doesn't really cost much more. In Alaska 2 winters on Hakka 9’s on the LR AWD has done great. I’ll switch back to them in the next 2 weeks.
  • Another vote for 18" wheels and Hakka R3s. Coming from someone ho lives in Boise ID but used to live in NH (where it was much colder and snowier).
  • I put on Michelin Xices from years of good experience with Prius and Subaru.

    Same good performance with the Model 3. In comparable weather, didn't notice any range loss from the Xices over the factory tires.

    I went a bit "oversized" on the Xices to protect the wheel from road rash of the too small factory tire and there seemed to be no range penalty for that either.

    I'll do that with the Summer replacement tires.
  • Another vote for Hakka R3.
  • Check noice level.
    I would avoid studded tires. Noice insulation on our cars is not the best, and studded tires are quite a noisy.
    I really don't know your winter conditions, here we have some snow and ice. For recent years less and less...
    Something universal and quite is Dunlop Winter Response 2
    Not sure, is it sold in US. IMHO - worth take a look
  • Any benefits to putting on all seasons versus switching back and forth from snow tires? Hakka makes an all season.
  • ^^^^ In a true winter region, there are more disadvantages to all seasons than swapping tires. Just get a 2nd complete set tires-wheels-TPMS and a floor jack and a hockey puck. I. change my own out in ~15 min.
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