Model 3

Rear Speakers and Microphone issues

Hey guys, May be some one can help.
My rear speakers and Microphone stopped working - Meaning they go on and off with clicking noise. I took it to SC and they said we have to replace the amplifier. Since I am out of warrantee , I decided to do it myself. I bought a working amplifier from ebay and replaced it . Still same issue. The on and off rear speakers and clicking noise. I was troubleshooting the situation. There are three connections to the amplifier
1 small white , 1 small black and a big white connections goes into the amplifier. when I connect all three the light inside the amplifier blinks amber and every time it blinks the click and disconnect is happening. Now I take the black connector off, The blinking amber light is off and no clicking noise but rear speakers not working. Microphone works. I guess that black one is rear speaker connections.
Any pointer from folks here, What else I can troubleshoot?


  • Does it ever work for normally for long periods? I have had the same problem intermittently since I purchased my 3. When the car audio transfers to the phone for a call or announcement it cuts out the rear speakers and at least in my case it seems not to transfer out of that mode dependably. May not be the issue you are experiencing but before you dig any deeper you may want to see if yours is getting into the problem when the phone initiates an audio system grab and the problem is really the phone.
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