Q3 Quarter earnings

Do you expect a hype build up like battery day then a classic sell the news as seen for the omission of the S&P500 inclusion and the battery day?

Or will the earning be so shocking that this constant over expectation from analysts will be crushed?


  • Wait for your buddy Fish. He will talk to you.
  • Stock dropping after battery day is laughable. All the idiots sold their shares off. If people cannot compute the improvement in batteries coming in 2 years thats their fault. Please deposit your shares into my bank account for a limited time on sale price.

    Q3 is going to report yet again record deliveries. No shutdowns to endure this quarter. China well ramped up by Q2 end so in full force now. Fremont as well had plenty of time to get things going, after making efficiency improvements to the production process while shut down.

    $ of profit? No idea. Probably going to be alot. Might be even higher margins now that the single piece casting has become a thing significantly reducing the tooling costs.
  • Wall Street traders are really short term minded. They have to post a profit by selling the stocks that perform well to show higher profitability than comparative indexes. Else they lose their job at the end of the year. That’s why they sell off so fast. They have no long term planning, only quarter to quarter.
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