Cybertruck Deliveries to Australia

Hey All,

I'm trying to find out more information on whether or not the Cybertruck is going to be shipped to Australia as there are alot of misleading comments out there at the moment. Firstly Elon said that he was expanding the Giga Shanghai factory for Cybertruck production, however during the battery day he said that they may have to release a "tighter wolverine package" for the rest of the world due to specifications. Does anyone have further info on this?


  • While it seems the focus is on the USA right now for the Cybertruck, it would seem if any other country could handle the full-size Cybertruck it would be Australia. There are likely minor tweaks needed to work in Australia as it seems every country has some unique specification - but Tesla is very familiar with Australian requirements. Cross your fingers, and hopefully, you could get them.
  • They wont 'forget' AUS because the Chair is Australian.
    But I would like to see them built up here from parts just like Ford Model T was years ago.
    We could be an Assembler here, and remember we need capable and qualified repairers and bodyworks.
    I would like to see Repair and Bodyshops assembling the Original Equipment in every state here, and in every country.
    Why not?
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