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autopilot confidence indicator

has the idea of a confidence indicator ever come up here or elsewhere? i am new to autopilot and like others, i find overseeing the autopilot to require more mental energy than doing the driving myself. i am sure my comfort level will improve over time but I was thinking it might help if there was some sort of indicator on the display estimating the confidence. for example, all sensors working 100% and the database has seen these road conditions a million times could be a 10 and a foggy night through a construction site could be a 1. how to do it? how about a log scale with probably of crash 1e-10 or lower is a 10, 1e-9 is a 9, etc. something like that, just a thought...


  • You will quickly learn the symptoms capabilities and limitations. I love AP on long drives.
  • Then you would be staring at the indicator instead of watching the road ahead.

    All I do is enable AP, put one hand on the wheel and watch the road ahead. It’s actually less stressful because I do not need to focus on staying centered in the lane. When you approach construction just take over.

    If a sensor fails or it gets too foggy/rainy it will tell you. No need to worry about confidence levels.
  • Another thing I will say is sometimes AP sees the road markings better than me. Night, rain, or worn lines but the car holds the lane.

    Yes in a bad rain storm it surrenders.
  • Totally agree that for long journeys AP is a true friend! Just not having to center the car is a bigger plus and energy saver than you might initially think!
  • The car will warn you when the system is impaired enough that it is detrimental to performance.
  • Someone previously posted that using feedback from your hand on the wheel is good feedback on how AP is doing. If it starts to search a bit you can feel it in the back and forth movement.
  • It would be a big step forward if AP could accept feedback from the steering wheel. So, for example, if it was unsure which lane to take, you could give it a nudge to let it know. Currently it ignores such input until you kick it out of AP.
  • I’m guessing when street level FSD comes into effect is when it will know exactly which lane to take, since it will have to make left left and right hand turns.
  • That said, I’ve actually never had it waiver in knowing which lane to sit in when using AP or navigate on AP except for the very rare offramp.
  • I’m thinking about when one lane diverges into two and there is no way for AP to know which is the thru lane. (Plain AP not NoAP.)
  • Op, Everything new will require little stress and frustration when you are learning. Once you learn to trust system your stress level goes to zero.
  • @wayne47 yup e.g. to move over to pass a bicyclist, or give room to oncoming traffic that is moving over to get by a mail truck. I've heard some non-Tesla ADAS support this, instead of having to completely take over.

    I think the problem with Tesla is that there many opportunities for great improvements, and "only" 300 elite programmers to implement them. So they have to choose. I suspect they prefer the ones that reduce the need for driver input, not the ones that assist with it.

    Improved backup lines, birds-eye view, hardware such as heads-up display and heated steering wheel... nice to have but not the Tesla vision.

    Off topic, sorry. But your question/suggestion was already well answered, IMO.
  • Well yes, AP is not Nav on AP. That’s why it’s limited. Nav on AP is the upgrade that gives lane specificity.
  • @Harriscott Being able to recognize and move over for bicycles would be at the top of my list. But we have an unusual number of them here in Boulder.
  • I have had my car over two years and use AP 90 plus percent of the time. As others have stated, it is really great on long trips. As for confidence, I have more confidence on AP than my own or my wife's driving. Don't need an indicator. Time and distance traveled will take care of that. Just like riding a bike.
  • Agreed. I’m more than confident that AP is already a far better driver than the average driver on the road right now. I see it every day and have more than enough saved clips from dash cam to prove it.
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