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New M3 24 hours

Well I just picked up my new M3 AWD FSD and absolutely love the car. I was reading about phantom braking and was hoping the bugs worked themselves out. Unfortunately it's happening about 10 times very mild and once hard scared the wife. Honestly no big deal I was expecting it. The car has about 150 miles so far. One thing I find odd is how the car doesn't stay centered in the lane and is always drifting from side to side. Not extreme but a little nerve wracking . Im hoping this will improve as the cameras/ computers calibrate? Is it normal on a new car to be sloppy on AP/TACC



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    Auto Steer should be pretty stable. Keeps a bit too much to the left and oncoming traffic for me but it should be consistent.

    What you could do would be record what you think is wandering via the road cams and then tell Tesla when it was occurring and they can look at the car's actions and tell you if it in or out of spec.

    What you describe for AutoSteer sounds out of spec.

    On the phantom braking, it just won't quit so live with it or move on. I've got deposits on a MachE and a VW ID4.
  • B_rad87 - it appears you are pretty new to the forum. If so, i want to make sure you know that FISHEV is considered a troll by 98% of the folks in the forum. Fish does occassionally mention something true, but by and large, he usually doesnt. I dont use AP often, but when i do, it seems to stay properly in the center of lane without any drifting. Havent had phantom braking at all. I think others on this forum who use AP alot will provide you with useful responses.
  • The car shouldn't wander at all on AP. If you're holding lightly on the wheel, you'll feel the tiny left-right adjustments it's making, but your passenger should think it's rock-solid in the center of the lane.
    Phantom braking should be a rare event - I haven't been using it much recently, but when I did I'd see major slowdowns every couple hundred miles, and minor slowdowns maybe twice as often. I've heard it's gotten better.

    If you're seeing 10 phantom braking events in 150 miles and the car wandering on AP, there's something wrong. I'm assuming that AP didn't work for you for the first 25 miles or so while the car calibrated?
  • Fish do you put deposit for every EV out there?
  • Frank is correct.
  • Mine was ping-ponging in the lane at first. But the 2nd and 3rd time i used it on long highway trips it was fine. However, i do find that it hugs the left side of the lane and does not stay in the center. Even though the computer sensors are awake, i do not like to hug the left side unless im in the left lane.
  • I have AP and when I first started driving theM3 a year ago, it was not smooth as it is now. I don't know if it got better with the Ota update or if the software has learned over time. Lucky me, no sudden braking. My brother has experienced sudden braking in his M3 which he got 10-2019.
  • I did not have those issues. I would suggest if your still having issues when you reach 500 miles then bring it in for service. You may need a camera adjusted.
  • Tesla Canuck thought it hugged left too but proved himself wrong by measuring in this video;
  • The only time I get the feeling it hugs left is in sharp right curves. Never measured it, could just be my imagination but it sure seems a bit left then. There is one curve on the way to work I will save the dash cam and measure it.
  • PSA: FISHEV preys on newbies.
    FISHEV is a known troll of several years standing and several user
    names who pushes an anti Tesla narrative. Please take his opinions with a grain of salt, avoid any advice he may suggest, and do not let him implant any Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt about Tesla or your car into your own opinion.
  • Yes I figured give it some time and it should stabalize hopefully soon. I'm fine with the slight Fantom Braking the hard stuff has a dangerous potential though.
    Appreciate feedback
  • Picked up my M3 on Friday. The cameras calibrated about 10 miles out from the SC. Car drives dead center in the lane with zero drift. No phantom braking whatsoever.
  • Spoke to Tesla service tech tried 2 reboots and a hard reboot and tech agreed something is seriously wrong plus FSD is not working. Told me to make service appointment. Made appointment 2 week wait. Sucks car came out of factory not working as advertised. Hoping it will get fixed properly.
  • People have complained about how long it takes to get service, but very seldom about the quality of the service. Tesla will fix you up. In the meantime, enjoy driving it - it’ll still be a blast without AP.
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