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Device list full - forgetting devices is broken

I recently got a new phone, and needed to pair it with my model S. The device list is full and the software wont let me forget a device. When I try it simply goes to the screen that says "Forgetting Bluetooth Device" "please wait a moment" spins for a minute or two and returns to the device list screen without forgetting the device. I even tried a "factory reset" losing all of my other settings but "factory reset" does not remove the paired bluetooth devices. Any ideas?


  • Did you try a reboot?
  • I have same problem. Tech support suggested I schedule an install of a new computer in my 2005 S70D for $2,500.
    I tried to pair my iPhone as a new device and got the message that pairing was unsuccessful. I appears the Phone may have wanted to get returned a security code, a feature the Tesla couldn't provide. Not sure if that was the problem as the security code appeared on the iPhone very briefly.
    The tech support guy described my computer as being old, not able to support new features. Fine, then support the old features such as "Forget the Bluetooth device"!
  • I am having same issue. Perhaps we should start a class action lawsuit to get them to fix it properly. I’m sure there are more people out there with the same problem
  • Good luck with that class action lawsuit.
  • > @"Jerry.udell_98077182" said:
    > I am having same issue. Perhaps we should start a class action lawsuit to get them to fix it properly.

    For buggy software that is a nuisance? Good luck.

    Ford would be out of business with all the issues it had with MySync or whatever it was called.
  • Class action lawsuit. That’s hilarious. Although it’s annoying I will not join you in that one. I’m going to upgrade the screen and see if that helps. My appt is scheduled. I’m sure it just has to do with old hardware that needs to be upgraded to support the latest items. It’s like having an old laptop and expecting all the new software to work on it flawlessly. Yes it’s vertically integrated, but there’s a lot to test on and the list keeps growing, so keep that in mind.
  • @VenomRider, you are not alone in your upgrade plan. I suspect those in that class action lawsuit will be able to take the $1.17 they net for their part and apply it to the MCU upgrade.

    We should query the lawyers working that suit (both sides) as to where we can stand and watch them spend their share for their new S/X purchase.
  • I was going crazy trying to solve this same issue. Similar situation - got a new phone and was having pairing issues.

    For me, the fix was to turn off the Priority Device on the device - then bam! Was able to remove the existing device.

    I also found that by re-enabling the Priority Device feature, I would immediately have pairing issues(for example, as soon as I enable the feature, I can see my call list disappear from the background, and the phone refuses to reconnect unless I disable it.

    I hope this post helps some of you! This is clearly a software issue that can easily be fixed.

  • @mike - good to know. That software update is rolling out now, it appears. Just got notification about it.
  • The update worked, but it was a non-intuitive fix for my 2015 MS.

    I had two phones, one that was connected and one that was not. Trying to forget the disconnected phone was futile until the update giving the priority device option. After multiple permutations, here's what I had to do in order to forget the device after this update:
    1) connect the desired phone
    2) designate the connected (and desired) phone as the priority device
    2) after making it the priority device, turn off the priority designation
    3) disconnect the bluetooth connection with the desired phone without forgetting it
    4) tell the car to forget the undesired device

    Worked immediately.
  • Thank you SbMD. This worked for me. Genius.

    I also appreciate Jerry Udell’s comment on a class-action lawsuit.

    I was one of the first to purchase my Model S. I love the electric power train. But I hate the rest of the car.

    When I picked up my car from the Fremont factory, the car had a couple bugs. Now, I have too many bugs to count.

    Tesla sold us a car that was suppose to improve over time with updates. My car has degraded over time.

    For those who think a class action lawsuit is frivolous....Apple. iPhone. Battery. Degradation.

    I love Tesla; however, Tesla no longer loves their early-adopters.
  • @2k13MS - you are most welcome and glad it worked.

    There is a time and place for class action lawsuits, but the one being proposed by Udell was flat out frivolous and wasteful.
  • I don't think the head of Tesla customer support and service, being the second richest human in the universe, gives the proverbial rats rectum about law suits.

    If you can get his attention on twitter, that might work...
  • > @Aerodyne said:
    > If you can get his attention on twitter, that might work...

    Sounds like another misanthrope who's in the news a lot lately with his dismissed lawsuits.
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