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Solar roof available in which US states?

Is Tesla Solar roof available throughout the USA? If not, what states are covered at present / or in near future. I live in West Virginia and want to know if it is feasible to install Tesla roofs here. What about Tesla Solar panels? Thanks.


  • IIRC, conventional panel PV is available in all 50 states, through multiple vendors.

    I don't know about Solar Roofs, but people from some areas prone to hurricanes have reported problems with the Roofs not quite meeting hurricane-force wind requirements. (But it's really close.) That's usually a city-based building code requirement.
  • Thank you for your reply. I am planning to install a new roof and thought that solar roof was cheaper to install them getting a new roof plus solar panels. Is there a number where I can call Tesla to verify the availability in my state?
  • These are customer support numbers that have worked for some people:


    If your roof job is the only thing you're doing, the roof doesn't actively leak right now, and you're not terribly time-constrained (like wanting the tax credit in 2020), I'd say go for it. Just temper your expectations.

    If the Solar Roof is part of a larger remodel project that has specific deadlines, or you must get the tax credit in 2020, I'd look elsewhere. There have been several complaints on this forum about Tesla not meeting deadlines after a deposit is made.
  • I think the Glass Roof is only available in a few major markets and even at that there is a long wait. The Glass Roof is only cheaper if you are going for premium roof replacement. You can simply use the chat icon after you click on the order button, the online sales support should be able to tell you whether Glass Roof is available in your market. I think your best bet is regular roof replacement and panels, cheaper and faster, unless you want to add Powerwall.
  • I don't have any deadlines / tax credits to meet as of now. I'm only looking for a house to buy which might need fair amount of work including partial replacement of roof. I was wondering if I can add the solar roof into the mix and get it done all together so that by next year when I get a Model Y, I'll have things in place already. Currently I live in a rented house.
    ......Do you mean to state that I can get into the chat only after ordering the roofs..? That sounds silly.
    From website I got the impression that the Solar roof was cheaper than regular roof + solar panels. What is meant by premium roof ??.... Shakes.???
  • I would also like to add power wall if it's available, since blackouts are a regular occurrence here during / after storms which can quite often take a few days to get fixed.
  • When you click the order button, it gives you the opportunity to enter your address and current energy cost to start a system estimate. But the chat icon appear right away so you can ask questions before you do anything. Even after you enter your address to get an estimate, you will not really order anything until you provide more information and credit card info and submit order. I think Tesla should change button title to Configure instead of Order. Powerwall is a must to have solar working during power outage, otherwise your system will not work even if the sun is out, grid tied safety requirement. Premium roof is anything other than the cheapest shingles.
  • I was looking for a premium roof that looked like shake but was not wood. Got multiple quotes and found the solar roof was cheaper, and it includes solar & two Powerwalls, which the premium roof did not! Ok, you can get a cheap asphalt roof and have separate solar panels and it may come out close or even cheaper. There are so many variables, such as labor rates in your location, the size of the roof, slope, if dry rot repairs are needed, etc. It's worth going through the numbers. I wrote more details up with my costs here:

    It also has a short video showing it being installed.
  • Thank you everyone
  • Premium asphalt roof in the San Francisco Bay Area can cost around $18,000.00 if done right. Labor here is very expensive and so are delivered asphalt shingles. In some parts of the country, a premium roof can cost half that much. We also pay 26 to 30 cents per Kilo Watt Hour here for electricity but have a 1 for 1 Net metering exchange plus a $10.00 a month connection charge. I got a quote for $42,000.00 for a premium roof with 8,000 watts of high output solar panels and the Tesla Roof was Quoted at $32,594.49. for 7,840 watts. The trims, roof jacks, underlayment and glass tiles are a better product than asphalt. The glass tiles could outlast your home unlike asphalt shingles that will beak down with time. If you plan on keeping the house for you lifetime, The glass roof would serve you well, but, if you plan on flipping your home to move up to a new larger home, you may or may not get back your investment upon re-sale depending on factors like Net Metering and labor costs. Tesla has been advertising $1.50 per watt solar panel installations after government Tax Rebates and if you can get a complete asphalt roof for $8,000 or less, and 8,000 watt Tesla panel system and roof could only cost $20,000.00 so get prices for both in your area.
  • @BetazedEd2020 - Good info.

    I'd also add that in an area with high house values (Bay Area), the incremental cost of the solar roof will likely increase the value of the house by that much and make it an easier sell. Where house values are much lower, it may not have as much of an effect on the overall house value, but it will always make for an easier sell if the system is a purchased system. Personally, I'd avoid leases or anything that you don't retain title to the new roof. Better to pay cash or use a homeowner's loan.

    Also, the roof replacement cost is greatly dependant on its size. A 1,500 sq ft roof should cost about half of a 3,000 sq ft roof.
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