Solar Roof

Hillsborough County (FL) Solar Roof

We were told there is one home in Tampa with the solar roof. I am wondering if that person is on this forum. We are interested in installing the solar roof and have already place the deposit. It would be awesome if we're able to connect and view the finished item. Feel free to send us a message.

I'm combing through the forums now for any other FL installs. If you get wind of this post feel free to link or comment here.

One direct question I have is for anyone (nationally) living in a HOA, were there challenges in getting approval for the roof versus doing the community preferred rood + panels.

Thanks in advance for anyone's assistance.


  • There was a statement by another poster on here that solar roofs are problematic in Florida, as they just barely don't meet some municipality's hurricane-force wind requirements. In those locations, getting a building permit can be impossible.

    You may want to check out the Solar Roof specs, and compare them with roofing building codes, before taking the plunge.
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