Tesla Cybertruck Will Have Neuralink Controls!

The Tesla Cybertruck will have Neuralink Controls! What is Neuralink, you may ask? Even if the Cybertruck is not on Autopilot, you'll still be able to control it without using the steering wheel. Intrigued? I invite you to check it out:

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  • Would be great, but have to critique that youtube video.

    Its entirely predicated on speculation for the steering wheel which they have always used a steering wheel like that on their prototype vehicles. So i have to disagree with that analysis.
  • Hey, you don't have to take my word for it. Here is a video recording of Elon saying it
  • Video of Elon Announcing Neuralink Control of Teslas:

    This is a shorter link that is easier to copy & paste into the address bar of your browser.
  • Ok well i was just saying the youtube video was not convincing because its based on the steering wheel, which that is not going to actually be the steering wheel in the production model.

    What i will add, is when Elon debunked the tesla watch, he noted that neuralink is the future. I would love to have this in a car. But wanting neuralink is probably another massive discussion.
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