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Tesla car safety improvement proposal (engineering) - how to contact tesla?

Good afternoon, my name is Sergey (sorry for the bad English - I am writing with a google translator) - I would really like to convey my engineering ideas - to improve Tesla cars. I am a sincere fan of these cars and would really like them to be even better number 1 in the world. I cannot find contacts (e-mail) to convey my ideas for improvement. Tell me who you can write to (so as not to register the e-mail of the technical service or the responsible persons, write a contact to my mail: [email protected]


  • I wrote to [email protected] and never got an answer.
  • I'm in Australia. There is nobody that can be contacted re the numerous minor and other significant issues. ie My premium connectivity is simply rubbish. Not enough buffering and very limited search options. Why no AM tuner? Has been an intolerable issue as the work arounds with Tune in radio app ( is very poor delivery and can't tune) and digital radio ( drops out at every turn).Wish I could bluetooth off my phone which uses a much better carrier ( But we are a large country with very poor wifi/ radio connectivity)
    Also in safety. I reckon safety alarms that you can't suspend/ mute are dangerous. The noise distracts, annoyingly commands my attention, and thus increases accident chance. Seatbelt warning when reversing is classic example. I need to mute alarms for say 10 seconds easily and quickly. Had same feature on recent Hondas and Toyota.
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