Model X

NEMA 14-50 240v trips my circuit breaker

All, just had an electrician install a dedicated 240v line for a NEMA 14-50 adapter. My model x wants to use 48A by default and trips the circuit breaker every time. When I adjust the amp to 32A, the car is able to charge with the following: 24 mi/hr, 240v, 32/32A.

I've seen many posts about possible circuit issue, etc. but an issue I see is that after the car gets a software update, the 32A setting goes back up to 48A. Is there any way to have the car remember my choice or automatically have it select the correct amp? My circuit is set for 60 amp. thanks.


  • Ok, something is seriously wrong. The NEMA 14-50 adapter on the MC Gen 2 should limit it to 32 amps automatically and not even allow you to go above that. Only a HPWC can allow going to 48 amps if wired for 60+ amps

    First, NEAM 14-50 - is rated for a peak of 50 amps, and continuous (i.e. charging) is limited to 40 amps. You should have a 50 amp breaker on that circuit. If you have an old MC Gen 1, it will allow 40 amps and Tesla also sells a dedicated Gen 2 for NEMA 14-50 (no adapters) which also can go to 40 amps.

    I suggest you contact Tesla service (via the app) and explain the problem. I suspect there is something damaged with your MC adapter.
  • There is no way you can charge your car with a mobile charger NEMA 14-50 at 48 amps! Gen1 chargers will deliver 40 amps max and Gen2 chargers up to 32 amps.
    Please provide an accurate description.
  • My 14-50 240v limits to 32A max. As stated by others.
  • What type of charger are you using? If you are using the HPWC type you probably have a setting that is incorrect on the Wall Charger. See the installation the HPWC there is a dial that is set to indicate the max amperage the charger will draw based upon the breaker size you have in your home fuse box. Based upon a NEMA 14-50 you should have a 50 amp breaker. If the HPWC is set correctly and you do have a 50 amp capacity breaker installed then most likely you have a faulty breaker.
  • Not sure if this is your issue but we solved ours. We discovered the home charging station installed with the Tesla connector has a GFI embedded in the cord. When we plugged the Tesla in, since the house line had a GFI also in it, the car line tripped every time until we had an electrician out to install a compatible breaker (removed the GFI in the house line). Little known fact that my engineer husband figured out. When we got our new Tesla, we had the compatible outlet installed specifically with no GFI.
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