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So Irritated with Tesla I'm speechless

Tesla installed Solar Panels on my House and so far that has been pretty good. Occasionally we lose power because of storms. So I decided to have a generator transfer switch installed. The electrician take a look at the panel, and tell me they connected my solar to the bus on these two breakers. They usually connect this above the Main so there isn't any problems with something like a generator transfer switch, you better call Tesla.

Sure enough, Tesla's electrician tells me, they don't usually do that, but I can pay them $800 to make the change. So let me get this right, Tesla does a lazy half-assed job with the installation of my solar system and now I have to pay an additional $800 for you to fix your own bullsh1t.

It disgusts me to live in a world where sub-standard effort is to be rewarded. Thank you for nothing Tesla, it's good to know that you don't usually do that, and only screw 50% of your customers, but because you did crappy work at my house I have to pay you to fix your own screw-up


  • Yes, I could say the same thing about Tesla, no were in the documentation does it state that their installation would have an impact on installing a generator transfer switch.
  • You can "...say the same thing about Tesla,...", but it doesn't make it true.

    It would be like me complaining that the home builders for my house put a shear brace in a wall that I want to put a window in, making it much more expensive for me to do so. How dare they!

    You simply did not make this a requirement of your installation at the beginning, when you needed to.

    You blew it. Accept the consequences, and consider it an expensive learning opportunity.
  • @Kstitude - If you asked for the option of a generator connection, perhaps Tesla would have had to charge another $800 to do the extra work. Since so few owners ever connect a generator, Tesla didn't figure the need to add labor and charge everyone more for something few would ever use. The did the job requested at a good price. I suppose you could have gone with some other company that charges more and puts in every conceivable future option and charges you dearly for it.
  • Not that I'm trying to defend Tesla, but it's actually pretty common to "back-feed" the solar into the panel from a pair of breakers, instead of doing a "line-side tap". It all depends on the size of the breaker box, the size of the installation, local code, and a bunch of other factors. It's not a matter of "lazy" or "half-assed". In many cases, it's a neater, simpler, more compact installation (code requires a disconnect, so a line-side-tap requires an additional *large* shutoff box mounted next to the breaker box).
  • This has been the worst experience of my life!!!!! I am getting about an hour or two from my two Powerwalls when using nothing in my house but my fridge and 77 degree air. The customer service and project advisors don’t exist. I want my money back!!!
  • dan, Start your own thread. It's impolite to hijack someone else's thread. With more information, perhaps we can help determine if you really have an issue, and if so, can suggest first steps for a solution.

    There are decades of solar experience represented by users on this forum. This expertise is at your disposal, if you simply start your own thread, and provide more, significant details.
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