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Average Cost per SqFt and kWh

What's the avg cost for Solar Roof per SqFt and kWh? Looking at 14kWh system on 4100 SqFt house? Trying to compare what others have paid vs. Tesla's quote.


  • I think Tesla offers the cheapest solar systems in the industry. About $1.4/W after rebates. So, a 14 kW system would cost you just under $20k.
  • The solar roof is more expensive than the solar panels, as you're doing a roof removal and installing a new roof! It's really hard to compare two sites, as the roofs can be wildly different in what type of roof has to be removed and if significant repairs (dry rot for one) are needed.

    The roof area can also vary dramatically as a percentage of house space, so a 4100 sq ft house (if one story) might have a 6,000 sq ft roof depending on overhangs and covered patios. It could also be under 2000 sq ft on a 3 story house without any covered patios.

    Generally the solar roof makes a lot of sense if you're replacing your roof, and doesn't make much sense if your roof is in good condition and is expected to be left alone for many years.
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