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Fire and smoke impact on solar production

Live near one of the current California fires ? Here is what happened to your solar production:


  • Yep. Washed off the ash from my roof last week for a 7% gain. Still, there is some ash residue I may need to scrub off and likely more to appear. I'll wait until the fires are more under control, maybe early November for my next cleaning.
  • "Fire and smoke impact on solar production"

    In a word...HUGE.

    During the major smoke events, when Oregon and Washington smoke was swirling around over the Pacific, then making landfall again over So. CA, I saw production drop at least 50% for those several days. The local AQI those days was well over 250. Production improved as the air quality improved.

    Ash fall from the local fires after the wind changed to offshore gave my panels a light dusting that reduced production by about 5%. Production went back to normal after I rinsed the panels. Fortunately, the ash didn't stick like glue.
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