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Time Based Control - two peak periods

I have a new Solar (non Tesla) and Powerwall 2 installation on time of use plan from SRP in AZ. It seems to be working well set up in cost saving mode with summer peak hours set to 2pm to 8pm. However were about to switch to winter peak which has two peak periods (5pm-9pm & 5am-9am) but can't seem to set two peak periods... Has anyone found a solution to this?


  • A peak period between 5am-9am? Wow. Doesn't seem like there would be that much of a strain on the grid at that time. Even though many are getting up, what you use in the morning is nothing compared to what people use in the evening, particularly in AZ where AC use is more of an issue than heater use. Plus, all AC's use electricity, while many heater/furnaces use other sources of energy to create the heat (the blower doesn't use that much to put a strain.) The few appliances people use are sporadic and done for just a short period of time. Lights now use very little energy.

    As far as your question goes, I too would be interested in this feature. The only thing I can think of is to change your peak period each day. Change it to 5am-9am before you go to bed, and change it back to 5pm-9pm after 9am.
  • @Dodgerking I too think the 5am-9am peak is strange (I suspect it's SRP's way to make a bit of money as rest of plan is pretty generous. I also thought of the manual solution but was hoping to automate things...

    I played around with some of the options and thought I could try either of the following (but not sure how the algorithm would treat these settings):
    1) Set peak as 5-9am and then shoulder as 9am-9pm (but not sure if battery would be used during 5-9pm peak); or
    2) Set peak as 5-9pm and then shoulder as 9pm-9am (but not sure if battery would last through the night)

    Think I will test these options when the switch happens and see which works best.
  • A Tesla customer has developed a Smart Things app that allows greater control of the PowerWalls - which should provide the functionality you are looking for, essentially changing the settings of the TEG for multiple peak periods.
  • @bp - cool app, but the note on the site says it's not working since September 10th.
  • That's too bad... I tried it for a while and dropped back to just using the Tesla app - so I stopped using it a few months ago.
  • You can’t set two peak times per day. I would pick the time when your peak consumption occurs. Is it 5am-9am or 5pm-9pm? Are the prices the same for both peak times?
  • Prices are the same in each peak period... although it's less about the kWh price its more about peak utilization in 30 minutes within a month. Think I'll see what my peak consumption is and set that as peak and see how things go.
  • I had sent some questions to Tesla Powerwall Technical Support ([email protected]) re multiple peaks and while they said not possible at the moment the rep did submit my request to add this feature and she noted "if enough customers request this, Engineering can look into this. It may be added as an additional feature". Therefore suggest anyone who is interested submit a request.
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