Best suggestions for Cybertruck

Please make sure my cybertruck has the recepticals inside the truckbed in order to keep a fridge running during driving and camping. Please Air-condition truckbed during camping(sleep).please let me crawl from bed to cabin. Pls offer big attachable solar array foldable for under truck cover!!!!!!!


  • Best suggestions for Cybertruck
  • The receptacles are inside the bed. Suggestion granted. :)
  • Its also been asked on twitter to be able to access the bed from the cabin. It was also asked in the way you have stated at the battery day Q&A. I hope that will be a thing as well.
  • I would like my Cybertruck to have a powder-coated black finish for extra durability (ideally with matte grey striping as a personal flair). If this isn't an option, how hard is it to have a custom finish applied or what should I tell a paint shop? I am going to use the truck for work, hauling, daily use, and hunting since it is quiet. Also, I would like to add a power port so I can add a small custom removable gas generator [motor/alternator] in the bed of the vehicle (styled to look like a truck toolbox) to extend it's range off-grid (if I can just back feed receptacles already in the bed that would be fine). Are the power specs listed somewhere? I had planned on fabricating/building this in my lab but if it is an option I will definitely get it. I am also hoping there are body mounting brackets so I can have a detachable lumber rack, custom steps, and ARB style bumpers (front and rear). I am planning on putting a flexible solar array on the rack... again to extend range, storage, and well... haul lumber. Also, can a gooseneck hitch be attached as is?
  • I'm gonna just jump in and say I do not think the back needs to be air-conditioned also I don't think we'll be able to feed and take at the same time but I could be wrong since it would be another selling point of the atv. But it's already confirmed to have an outlet in the bed of the truck.
  • > @Mykl said:
    > I would like my Cybertruck to have a ... small custom removable gas generator ... to extend it's range off-grid (if I can just back feed receptacles already in the bed that would be fine).

    In this scenario, the only extra energy is a small amount of gasoline and a noisy heavy range sucking mechanism to access that energy and convert it into a useful form. Better to simply carry an extra battery. I doubt you would be able to backfeed the AC outlet in the bed because inverters just don't work that way. The DC charge port theoretically provides a means for external batteries to charge internal ones. As far as I know there is no provision to directly power the vehicle from an external battery in the bed, but that would open up interesting off road options. Think of the propane tank exchange model.

    On a route without AC infrastructure there could be solar panels charging portable battery packs. Arrive at one of these stations, drop off and plug in your depleted pack so it is ready for the next guy, take with you a freshly charged pack. No waiting to charge unless you wanted to top off the internal batteries as well. It would make sense to have propane refilling at these locations as well. Both for cooking heat and on demand charging at night. Might as well have a water well, parts like U joints and supplies in vending machines, shade, and a few community tools for a nice unmanned outpost.

    Sewage, maintenance, and preventing vandalism ayberre the major problems without Samaritan community solutions.

    Cybertruck ride height control and self driving could allow precision backing up to a 2 slot rack. Rollers on the batteries could allow loading/unloading without any manual lifting, allowing for useful pack size/weight.
  • @slomobile I have so many questions.
  • The rear area would not have to be air conditioned if the bed is configured to accommodate a slide-in camper.
    Perhaps a partnership with an RV/camper manufacturer could be formed, to avoid duplication of effort.
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